About the FLIP Bench!


Introduction: About the FLIP Bench!

About: Lone rustic furniture builder in Denver, Colorado. I use only standing-dead aspen and pine that grows right here in the Rocky Mountains!

By popular demand, I have made a video about the flip bench I use in my other videos. I didn't build a new one so I hope this is enough information to answer some questions!



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    Awesome bench!! I will be making one of these sometime, thanks for the video :D

    Have you thought of routing the wires through the bench top? Basically, wire an outlet on the inside of the sandwiched area and run the wire through the axle. To prevent the cord from becoming too twisted, put a positive stop in the table so that it can only ever rotate 180 degrees (eg. flip clockwise 180 and a bracket stops it from spinning further, rotate 180 ccw to put it back).

    I do really like this idea but I think my wiring suggestion would prevent you from pinching any more extension cords for when you build the next one at your new shop. Let me know how it goes and when I get out of school and get a garage I will definitely be building one of these.


    Thank you very much for this video. I have been looking for a way to hide away my benchtop bandsaw under my tallest bench. I will definitely use this idea. Keep up the good work!

    Wow! I have been planning on building something very similar to this for a different project and have been struggling with building a pivot point strong enough to support the weight of the table (I was originally planning on drilling a dowel into the side of a 1 or 2 inch thick board, but was concerned it wouldn't take the weight). Your design has completely given me a new way to do this.

    I'm assuming your construction can support a lot of weight. In addition to the tools, can it take the full weight of a person?

    Do you mind if I borrow your design for another instructable?

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    Thanks for the comments and questions!

    To make the pivot stronger, you could use rigid pipe instead of EMT although I would say the wood is probably the weakest link in the chain here. Layering the 2x6 boards can add strength and using a lot of screws (make sure you pilot first so you don't crack the wood).

    The only thing that would keep me from climbing on top of it is the locks. They probably aren't strong enough to hold me as I lift myself up there. So bigger lock hardware could solve that. The casters (wheels) I have on this bench are rated to hold much more than the bench so I think they are just fine. I don't remember what the rating is exactly, but it's at least twice the estimated weight of the bench.

    You may borrow my design for whatever you want! If you could send me a link to your instructable I'd love to see it and perhaps post it one my FaceBook page!

    Thanks again!

    What a great idea for doubling your bench space. Almost all of us don't use a lathe or other large tools all the time so a flip bench is perfect.

    You could, if I may suggest it, produce a design for the flip bench with all dimensions and sell the design(s) in fact, make a range of them.

    You've even got the right product name for it; "flip-bench", very cool.

    You could even make a vid on how to make and assemble your design(s) and sell that too. You do make a good vid so making more will be easy for you .

    What ah good freakin' idea !

    Wow! All I have to say is wow. Very creative, and a well done instructable.

    Thanks so much for your video, I am headed down to the work shop to start making myself a flip bench. this will create enough, "much needed" extra workspace. thank You, thank you, thank you.

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    Thanks so much for the feedback! It makes me feel good to know that the videos aren't a waste of time! Please send me pictures of your bench when you're done! Thanks!