Acid Knife Etching | DIY | Quick and easy way of making your knife look cool.

Picture of Acid Knife Etching | DIY | Quick and easy way of making your knife look cool.
This is my new Instructable on how to Acid Etch your knife.
Knife Etching video
Here is what you need:
- Knife- Ferric Chloride $12.50
- Nail Polish $3
- Nail Polish remover $3
- 400 grit sand paper
- Tall bottle or a container
- Paper towels

So as you can see this project doesn't require much money, just a whole lot of fun. With a litter of Ferric Chloride you could probably etch a 150 knifes. So save it for future projects. I will have my youtube video HERE.

Enjoy guys!

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Step 1:

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Pull out a knife, nail polish, Ferric Chloride and nail polish remover

Step 2:

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Clean the blade with nail polish remover, and then start drawing out your design with nail polish.
It will look very sloppy at first but I used exact-o knife to clean put the edges and make it look super nice.

Step 3:

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Put some acid in a PLASTIC container NOT METAL. Stick your knife in it for 20-60 min. I did for 35 and you will see how it turned out. When you are done, rinse were nice with water and then use nail polish remover to remove the polish off of your blade.

Step 4:

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Last step is to take a 400 grit sand paper and polish the freak out of the blade to make it look awesome. You will see for yourself when to stop. 400 paper makes the image become 3D.

Enjoy your new project and stay with me for more good stuff.

A more detailed explanation is on my youtube account here is the video
dorfster6 months ago
Could you cut a stencil and use Plasti Dip spray instead of nail polish?
BrennenI7 months ago

Jsut what i was loooing for. Thanks!

bcelik11 year ago

This is amazing. I will try it asap. Thanks alot for posting

I wonder what this would do on a zippo