This is my new Instructable on how to Acid Etch your knife.
Knife Etching video
Here is what you need:
- Knife- Ferric Chloride $12.50
- Nail Polish $3
- Nail Polish remover $3
- 400 grit sand paper
- Tall bottle or a container
- Paper towels

So as you can see this project doesn't require much money, just a whole lot of fun. With a litter of Ferric Chloride you could probably etch a 150 knifes. So save it for future projects. I will have my youtube video HERE.

Enjoy guys!

Step 1:

Pull out a knife, nail polish, Ferric Chloride and nail polish remover
отлично получилось!
Could you cut a stencil and use Plasti Dip spray instead of nail polish?
<p>Jsut what i was loooing for. Thanks!</p>
<p>This is amazing. I will try it asap. Thanks alot for posting</p>
I wonder what this would do on a zippo

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