Introduction: Adirondack Chaise Lounge

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THIS IS AN X- LARGE Adirondack Chaise Lounge



Picture of CUT SHEET

enclose is the cut sheet for all you material cuts

I used pressure treated 1"T x6" W x 6 ' L Material so it can last longer and later it was varnish 2++ coats their after + A THICKER 2"x4" plank for the backrest bottom cross brace

you will need a hole setter -(pre-drill)COUNTER SINK and ss screws 1 ¼" long is good

were the front legs get attached to the back legs I used threaded screws and nuts with washer and eye lets rings for the screws heads - so everything is smooth

cut all material for
the radius used 3" is good for everything you can go to 4 " if you wish

on the armrest fronts

when done with cutting everything -sand and smooth all surfaces

get you router ready and router - use a 1/4" rounding router bit

( don't use a roman ogee that leaves a sharp edge )

mark all outside items facing outwards and up with colored tape - and make sure you

mirrored the arms rest - the back legs - the backrest slats - because there is left and right

for the stiffeners, you can do both sides

Step 2: Step # 2 Cut the Arm Rest

Picture of Step # 2   Cut the Arm Rest

sand and router edges

Step 3: Step#3 If You Are Doign More Than One Chair

Picture of Step#3   If You Are Doign More Than One Chair

cut 2 sets sand and router edges

Step 4: Step#4 Front Legs and Brakets

Picture of Step#4    Front Legs and Brakets

front legs and brackets sand and router all edges

except for the bracket keep inside long edge unrouted - it will be secured there and glued

Step 5: Step#5 Assemble the Front Legs and Brackets

Picture of Step#5   Assemble the Front Legs and Brackets

assemble the front legs and brackets as shown in the picture

do that too to the second set you are doing

Step 6: Step # 6 Bridge Cross Suport

Picture of Step # 6  Bridge Cross Suport

cut and sand router only the curved area -

don't router the straight area

Step 7:

Picture of

assemble the back legs and the seat slats

use a loose peg piece of material 1/4 for spacer between the slats

pre-drill and its best to make a template so everything looks perfect

I have at least 3 drills ready with bits and driver heads so I am not wasting time

changing over between them -- as shown a divider is also hand so you holes all look the same at the same spacing but nothing beats a template -made out of metal or scrap wood

number 1 back brace

number 2 the legs

number 3 the slats

Step 8: Setup # 8 Back Fan

Picture of Setup # 8  Back Fan

sand and router the fans as to the size and shape provided

this will be number 8 and number 9

the full fan is shown before cutting it to desired shape

Step 9: Step # 9 Frontlegs Assembley

Picture of Step # 9  Frontlegs Assembley

assemble the front legs to the back legs - with screws and nuts use washers on the inside

Step 10: Step # 10 Samble the Back Brace and the Slats

Picture of Step # 10   Samble the Back Brace and the Slats

assemble the arms - then the back brace you may need to start using clamps as extra hands at this stage

make sure you pre-drill - so no splitting or cracks will start damaging your work

then start adding the back support slats that you have cut

Step 11:

Picture of

number one chair assembled

then followed by the second one

if the wood is nice and dry than light sanding if not let it fully dry out

Step 12: Step # 12 Adding Decortive Accents and Accessories

Picture of Step # 12  Adding Decortive  Accents and Accessories

Accessories and accents

I had the idea to embed shells and metal sea object - but I settled for

Brass patina rich shells for one chair and the starfish for the other

you can do nice colored sea images on the back too like a lighthouse - fish - sail boats the sky is the limit or just leave it alone

then after 2 weeks it was varnished clear ----as the wood will age to a honey color on its own

you can also tint it with colors your choice your chair ---- as shown above

Step 13: Step 13 Foot Rest Was Added for Extra Comfort

Picture of Step 13   Foot  Rest Was Added   for Extra Comfort

I will post the cutout list for that later


seamster (author)2017-01-20

Very nice chairs!! Great instructions too :)

Andrawis (author)2017-01-19

allow around 50 / 60 hours or one week to finish this project for 2 chairs

now taught I have done it I can make a set of 4 or 6 in less time since I have templates ---- of course if had a pro -sanding machine I would have done it faster - It's a fun project - and it's complex because there is a curve in the back fan and on the seat too making so what different and difficult that the ones you see around --- if I and thicker material I would have curved the arm rests and other things -- ENJOY

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