Introduction: Adjustable Blacksmith Twist Wrench

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I recently spent too much time making a pretty poor twist wrench that only fit 2 sizes of stock. So I decided to make an adjustable twist wrench. It works a treat.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Tools and Materials

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Angle grinder or hacksaw


Adjustable wrench

Iron bar. The size isn't too important, just so long as it looks and feels more or less right. I went for 10mm.

Step 2: Cut!

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Figure out where you want your bar to join your wrench. Remember the aim is to have a reasonably straight line so that you get an equal twist.

Mark the wrench with a sharpie.

Cut a section out of the wrench and test that your bar fits.

Step 3: Weld!

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Securely clamp your pieces.


Step 4: Twist!

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