Adjustable Tablet Stand With DVD Case ( Ipad / Touchpad )





Introduction: Adjustable Tablet Stand With DVD Case ( Ipad / Touchpad )



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    Added a couple things
    Adjustable slipknot for horizontal viewing
    Hooks on back for vertical viewing
    Credit card stabilizer on front


    Awesome!! I cant believe no one (especially me) had never thought of this before!! Genius!! May i ask, what was your initial motivation/inspiration?

    I have just made it without glue and its adjustable :)

    The "hooks" to grab the manual or whatever inside the DVD case, i have bend out and used a string to put the two sides together. This string can be tied so the two sides can be as far from each other as you like... :)

    brilliant idea to use a dvd case like that!
    i must make this too :)

    I'll probably be making this for my flight tomorrow! Thanks!

    Made one from a slim DVD case. I happened to have about 50 of them already. I changed the recipe a little - instead of hooks, I used short pieces of solid 12-gauge insulated wire. I dotted the outer ends with hot glue to cover the copper and prevent pad-scratching. I then inserted the other ends of the wire into the holes that were already in the slim case (after cutting the transparent membrane off). I bent them up on the inside and hot glued them to the inside of the case. Then, I hot glued in a wire like you did. Works perfectly - thanks a ton!

    post pics of your version please