Really a left-handed glove but something to show direction or give that needed backhand for those who get out of line. This is really a lighted LED glove to highlight visibility of your hand when you give proper hand turn signals when riding in the dark or near-dark.

This was inspired by the turn signal biking jacket and Adrian monk's sculpted hand but what do you do if you are not ready to tackle an arduino microprocessor controlled blinking LED project which also uses conductive thread as a component? Well, spin the dial of frugalness and hack a dollar-store red LED blinker and a pair of regular gloves to give you a scaled down ghetto version of a turn-signal device on a piece of clothing that provides the same functionality.

Step 1: Get a Pair...

I had thought about building a joule thief (search for the many and improved designs) as a greener way to power this project but you need to go find a couple of transistors and torroids. Well, you know what kind of luck I have when I walk into a Radio Shack to ask about parts...

You will need to get a pair of gloves.

I used a pair of regular insulated fleece gloves for this project. You can really use any kind of glove that you might use for riding. You can also mod your real mesh/leather riding gloves if you want in the same manner.

As a quick alternative to building a control circuit, get a blinking LED flasher that runners or bicyclists use. We will gut out the circuitry and splice on wires to connect to our custom switch.

Hopefully there will be a few operating modes for the flasher - mine has constant ON, rapid flash, slow flash, slow chase up, slow chase down, fast chase, slow chase up and down.
This will add to the versatility and fun use of the glove for different effects.

I did not have any conductive thread and have not worked with it before so I used regular thin wire to work with this project. I just took a piece of some spare network cable I had lying around. It was actually four conductors inside but you only need 2 wires to extend our circuit switch.

Please don't snip a segment of your network cabling if you can't scavenge spare wire. And it comes insulated so you don't have to worry about any shorts. Wait, you may need shorts to ride...

This is a simple hack to the gloves so reflective tape found in an auto parts store will be the best choice. You can also use duct tape but the reflective properties of the reflective tape adds to the visibility factor of the glove.

You can also do sewing such as hemming the edges of our cutouts to reinforce the openings and to attach the switch. Tape works great in our case.

CAUTION: You will need to solder wires to the circuit board and to the new switch. Please know how to handle and use a soldering iron or gun properly. It is HOT! Low voltage is present in exposed circuitry. Please follow all precautions regarding safety around electricity.
I was actually thinking of doing something similar, exept mounted on/near the ends of my handlebars, one yellow blinker for each side (easier for motorists to understand). Now that I see this, I am thinking a pair of gloves, each with a blinky that is activated, via conductive thread, by touching together two fingers that normally would not contact, maybe the thumb and pinky. Turn signals for bicycles is definitely an overdue innovation, I narrowly avoid drivers all the time who can't tell what the hell I am doing through their ueber-tinted windshields. Kudos, and keep tinkering!
Thanks, I had thought about conductive thread but I don't know if that stuff is tough enough to withstand flexing and sweat since it is not wire insulated. A thin regular wire sewn on will do the trick better and if placed correctly, you will not feel it. I guess you would have to try the pinky/thumb combo for the switching but it seemed more natural and convenient to just move the thumb to press on the side of the pointing finger, especially if you have a comfy grip settled in. Oooo, is that a nice Bianchi in Celeste green I see in you avatar? Cool.
That is an CG image of unknown (by me anyway) origin of a frogesque bicycle. If the thing is green but not celeste green, it SHOULD be. Bianchi green = nostalgia yumminess.<br/>
I love Andrian Monk....my girlfriend says i have the same sindrom....hehehe
Hehe. He's so awesome...
Congrats on the win!
Thanks, and congrats to you as well. Maybe I could dip an entire glove with your reflecto stuff and see how that turns out.
This is a great idea. As many old beat up (no lights)trucks/tractors/motorcycles as I operate, I use hand signals all the time. This could definitely help!
At the very least, put a reflective skunk stripe on your gloves.
Oooh, and one down the back of my leather jacket!
Note to self: Someone should do an Altoids flasher on a reflective glove thingy.
and a pretty neato gift for the school safety crossing guard/officer.
Genius... Enough said.
Seems you might have avoided that nasty road rash of yours if you had one of these lights... :)
ne işey arayacak ki bu?
I think you write in Turkish which I cannot translate. Greetings to you.
Haha, disneytopian. It sounds like a twisted future where we're all watched by a mouse leader.<br/><br/><em>Big Mouse Is Watching You</em><br/><br/>But anyway, cool Instructable! I would definitely use this when I'm out at night. 5 stars!<br/>
and our great leader is a puppet...
Hahaha, nice picture.
<em>Big Mouse Is Watching You</em><br/><br/>5 stars for that comment! :D<br/>
This is a nice idea. The need to cycle through all the modes to turn it off again seems like a safety hazard though, would be better with a single on/off mode click IMO. Or even better, why not get one of those quicksilver filled switches that when you turn your hand up it switches on automatically? Now where did I put those little flashers...
It seems to be a good proof of concept... Perhaps my friend you have the skills, to mod this into a practical device? Please do an I'ble if you do.
Thanks. Yeah, I don't know how to hack the circuit so you could just make it flash cascade to the right or left. Whatever is inside this flasher works by sensing cumulative on/offs to switch the flashing so you would have to design your own. This "toy flasher" advertises 7 modes on the packaging. I suppose you could have mercury switches aligned with the way you move your hand so it automatically turns on the corresponding flash pattern.
This could actually save lives! nice work mate:)
Thanks, And for our international friends, please mod a right-handed glove too.
OOOOOOOOOOOH lol i thought u meant the REAL Adrian Monk lol. Im thinking, what does Monk have to do with this?
<strike>Discussed</strike> Debated <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Who-is-the-real-Adrian-Monk-_1/">here</a>.<br/><br/>Please, no calls from laywers on bait and switch. That's Adrian <strong>m</strong>onk.<br/>
Cool project! Thanks for the mention. :D Glad I inspired you in some small way...
Thanks to you. Don't mention it.
<em>We shall never speak of this again.</em><br/>
what does this have to do with monk???
It is a whimisical title based on the resemblence of her Instructables Thank You sculpted hand looking like a Minnie Mouse gloved hand. Also an homage to gmjhowe's dystopian term and Adrian monk's wholesome good character. This was an inspirational ible designed to make you think. Besides, if you create an ible, you can name it whatever you want. :-)
>wholesome good character Aww...thank you!
oohhhhh!! see, i thought it was from the show or something... i just thought most people wouldn't know she was a member... *OOPS*
Disneytopian xD Really nice!
Hahahhah! Excellent!
Nice one! great idea!
. Fantastic!

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