Step 20: Closing Remarks

I love Adventure Time.  It is easily one of my all time favorite new shows of 2010 and one of my all time favorite things to do on a Monday is to come back to my dorm room after a long days work in class and simply relax on my easy chair with a new episode with Finn and Jake.  In fact, my very first Instructable I ever posted was even about Adventure Time so for me this is sort of coming around full circle.

Sigh... looks like we've come to the end of Video Game Month.  Folks, I loved this month and I completely enjoyed sharing all of my builds with everyone here on Instructables.  By far this has been one of the all time greatest contests they've ever put out and its been fantastic seeing such a creative inflow of different video gaming builds.  I actually had a lot more builds planned for this month and only really skimmed the surface of different video game builds I was going to show off.  So if you'd like to see more, please please Instructables make another Video Game themed contest month!

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed now but good luck with the rest of your builds!  And be sure to catch Adventure Time, one of the greatest shows on television, every Monday at 8 7/c(PM) only on Cartoon Network!

<strong>ATTENTION EVERYONE: </strong>I'm sorry but different to what I might've said in the past, I do not sell any Beemos Replicas.<strong> &nbsp;</strong>The reason being is because, at this current time, the last one took an insane amount of time to make (four months for one) and I unfortunately now that I'm in school, I don't have the time.<br> <br> <em>HOWEVER</em>, should some miraculous blessing bestow me and I do come up with a <u>better method</u> of building him or the <u>University Control Brains</u> do find the time, I might put one up on auction on ETSY. &nbsp;And I will of course add in the link.
<p>Dude, make a Kickstarter.com campaign, maybe. Not sure if it qualifies though.</p>
Hamacow!!! You are like THE most devoted Adventure Time fan ever! :D <br>:D Mathematical Beemo!
Thanks happyjo! You know, I've been waiting a <em>really </em>long time to be able to finally post this project on your <a href="https://www.instructables.com/group/adventuretime/">Adventure Time Fan Group</a>!&nbsp;
:D yay! Well, I feel absolutely ecstatic! :D
I have to say that I've not seen the show but that little guy is just ADORABLE.<br><br>Great job!
Thank you jessyratfink! That was actually one of my main goals from the start- to make BMO look appealing to people who haven't seen Adventure Time before. Thanks!
<p>Hi,</p><p>can you show how did you solder wires at new power switch?</p>
WOW great instructable! (I know I'm really late to the party lol) Have you considered modding beemo into other things?<br/>For example a aux. plugin stereo. Not that there is anything wrong with a classic system.
How long did that take???
Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification.
Hey SHIFT! <br>What is the thin Unflexible plastic sheet used for and the extra two sheets of 1/16 plexiglass?
That's for the controller. I gave 10'' by 5'' as an estimation for how someone might build his tiny boxy control pad from scratch. If you want, you can save the time by using a NES controller instead- it has the same relative pin out to a GameBoy Color.
The body
I thought the six sheets were for the body. I used the 6 sheets for the body. But you put a piece of 10&quot; by 5' plastic sheet in the materials. What's that for.
Hi Shift! <br>I wanted to know if you had a better picture of how you connected the leads to the gameboy colors buttons on the circuit board. Also do you have a clearer picture of how the inside of the plastic container housing is wired? Thanks in advance.
It looks so cool! I would really like to buy your very own BMO Gameboy Color Mod Replica that you made! I would likely pay $20.50 from my piggy bank. It's really Really <br>ReallY ReAlLy REalLY REaLLY REALLY Awesome!! 0 caps 1 cap <br>2 caps 3 caps 4 caps 5 caps all caps <br>
Sorry BMO is not for sale.
How much is it to pay for your playable BMO? You know, the GBC Mod you made? <br>
Hey there! I have a game boy color, and it's working 100%, except for one thing. The internal power switch (meaning the metal switch underneath the plastic one) isn't there anymore. The little metal box that houses it is still there, and all leads are still soldered and intact. I would replace it with another switch, but I noticed that there are MANY pins connected to it (not just two). What are all those pins for, and can I replace the Nintendo switch with some other generic one, or maybe get a mod kit from somewhere like <a href="http://kitsh-bent.com" rel="nofollow">kitsch</a>&nbsp;that happens to fix the problem? Oh, and some other info: -I still have the plastic external power switch handy, but I welcome alternatives. -I am able to take the game boy apart. -I understand electronic parts and am pretty good at soldering. Thank you so much!
Hey,<br /><br />So I don't know that much about the actual pinout from the Gameboy Color switch but IIRC it was surface mounted to the board with about four or five different pins connected. If you have the original plastic power switch available, I would suggest trying to use it rather than replace it with a brand new one. I remember running into a similar issue with BMO and a standard 2 or 3 pin switch does not work as an alternative.<br /><br />Hope this helps.
you should make lot's and the sell them I know i would buy 1 or 2
Hi SHIFT, <br> <br>Could you measure you finished copy and give me an exact size of the finished product? I want to get the plexiglas as close as possible to yours.
Sure Swift! Just give me a while though, I'm currently at school and don't have BMO on me at the moment.<br /><br />If it helps, BMO's height is exactly the same as a gameboy color's and follows the exact same proportions as the papercraft on Cartoon Network.
Hi SHIFT! <br>First off, that is a fantastic job! I'm incredibly impressed with it! <br>I had a question, Does each button take two cables to connect to the board of the GB? Also, where did you buy the buttons and circuit board? It'd be my first time trying something like this, so I have no idea where to start. <br>Thanks so much for the instructions, if I manage to get this together I'll die a happy man.
Hey jvr0s! <br /> <br />Terribly sorry it took me this long to respond back to you, I was out visiting my family in California and didn't get a chance to check my instructables email. <br /> <br />First, thank you very much for your mathetmatical response! To address your question, I am a bit confused what you mean by "cables". Are you referring to the individual ground and circuit wires themselves or are you referring to the singular cable that connects everything to the controller? In the former, No. The controller buttons only have one wire leading to the controller PIC board. The other wire leads directly to GRND (ground), in order to be connected to the entire controller terminal. <br /> <br />I have to warn you- if this is your first time doing this, attempting this project is ill advised. I ended up going through at least two GBCs before I could get a working prototype myself. But if you're determined, it's not impossible. <br /> <br />Also Radio Shack is your best friend! <br /> <br />Good Luck!
Whoa bro! this BMO totally knock the shells! awesome job man! I really like it as an adventure time fan my favorite part you can make it like a whiteboard and you can change BMO's face. How long does this take to make???
Sir, you created the perfect BMO, especially for us, Adventure Time Fans. Well, can i ask how much is the cost for all of the materials (excluding gameboy) ? And would gameboy advance sp would do instead of gameboy color? Your reply would be appreciated highly :) Thanks!
i have never seen the show, but, this is awesoome!!!
So gotta make this for my daughter! Thanks!
can you use regular game boy advance games with this? if so id like to build this
Hi first of all love the project. <br> <br>Im just having trouble understanding the button wiring and was wondering if it was at all possible to have some help. If its not to much work i was wondering if you could draw some line between connections on this picture. <br> <br>Thanks. <br>
Hi Treeboy21, <br /> <br />Sorry this message took me a while to get to you. <br /> <br />Anyway, I apologize but I didn't happen to draw any circuit diagrams or anything while I was working, I was really just testing out connections while I was working and I don't really seem to remember that much. <br /> <br />What I suggest doing is using a volt meter and testing out the connections between the button pads. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but after you find the common ground connection, everything falls into place.
Woah... we have memes, then a drawing of BMO, then drawings of a GBC, then schematics... trippy bro...
I love this instructable, but, a game- boy game is called a game cartrige not disc, no affence
Do you think this would work with the Gameboy Advanced instead? :O<br>I really dun wanna take apart my Gameboy Colour, or buy a new one for this~
Really depends what Gameboy Advance you're talking about. If it's a GameBoy Advance SP then you can certainly take it apart and refit it inside the small box. If it's a Gameboy Advance Original, however, then the only way you can do it is if you made Beemo much much fatter than he was in the show, since the horizontal shape of the original won't fit well within Beemo's box body.<br /><br />I actually tried experimenting with other Gameboys before I decided on a Gameboy Color and found the ones that work the best are the vertically designed ones, since they have the most in common with Beemo's body.
have you thot about make a bisinus
Oh okay cool! :D <br>Yeah, I was thinking of using the original GBA, but I think I can get an old SP from a friend or something. Thanks~<br>Your BMO is soooooo adorable! I'm really excited to get started on him :D &lt;3
Thanks! Post a picture when you get it done!
I was just thinking that it might be possible to do with a GBA SP, especially since the screen ratio is a lot closer to Beemo's face.<br><br>I can't wait to get a triwing screwdriver and start taking my GBA apart for this!
Good Luck!
Hello SHIFT. A couple of months ago I posted saying I was going to try and build the working model! Well I kinda left the project sitting there, but NOW I am going to find the tools and make it. However I look at the two models(the drawing one, and the gaming one) and I wonder which one is better in the long run. I was wondering if you are still able to draw on BMO's face on the gameboy model. If you can then GREAT! I'll make that one. If you cant then I'm still making the gameboy one. Sorry for making you read. Gah reading! It's hurting my brain! It's filling it with too much glob!... sorry.
AWESOME!!!!!!!<br>unfortunatly, I have no clue how you did this or how to get the parts. <br>would you possibly consider making one for me? I will gladly send you the money for it when it is finished. please contact me at mayfieldand72@tcapsstudent.net<br><br>THANKS!!!
I LOVE THIS SHOW! :O i need to find me a gameboy now..
Also do you think the long range remote can fit into beemo?
Sure, just use a longer chord.
Can beemo's body be any slimmer because i really dont want it to be that fat because of storage problems :)
Well, you're really asking yourself two questions here. 1) Can Beemo's body be slimmer?, but 2) Do you want it to have the electronics and still be a replica? Because with Beemo, Yes his body can be made slimmer but keep in mind the current body pattern is made with the exact specifications of housing a Gameboy Color circuit board, while still being completely in scale with the actual character.<br><br>So yes, Beemo can be made thinner, but you might have a more difficult time wiring in all the electronics.

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