Picture of Affordable and safe Foldable Crutches

These Crutches can be made from regular Crutches, and a section of Aluminium Tube.

You can make a pair of these in half an hour.

I hope to make a more step-by-stepish Instructable, soon, with the help of some Fab-Lab... ;)

You just need a Tube Cutting tool, a Riveter, an extra Aluminium Tube, a pair of rivets, and a rubber band, or whatever to keep the thing together, when folded.

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Step 1: How it's made

Picture of How it's made

This is all you need to make a pair of fold-able Crutches that are affordable, and you can trust, since this uses the same set-up as the height regulation, two holes in witch a pair of holding pins with a spring will snap onto.

Not shown above is the separate tube section, that is there, but already riveted.

Step 2: Folded

Picture of Folded

A normal height-adjusted Crutch is made of a telescopic set of 2 Aluminium tubes where the thinner fits into the larger, the thinner tube has just 2 holes, and a spring with 2 pins snapped into those holes.

When the pins are fit into the larger tube's series of pairs of holes, the set becomes a solid crutch of a certain height.

So I use that same system to separate the Crutch in 2, and then, re-assemble the Crutch.

Here's the thing, folded.

The 2 parts of the Folding Crutch separate above the height adjustment holes, and snap into either the top pair of holes, or an extra pair of holes. an extra spring-and-pins piece is plugged into a new section of thinner tube, and that section is riveted into the larger tube.

Step 3: Snapped

Picture of Snapped

To use the Crutches, just plug the thing together, the pins will snap onto the holes, and that's that!

Step 4: Here you go.

Picture of Here you go.

Now. use them as any crutch... But these, you can carry into your Car, the Subway, etc. without the hassle of the old ones.

antioch1 year ago

Awesome, I'd love to see more 'ibles of this kind that could help people in need! Looking forward to the detailed version but the idea is inspiration enough.

Edgar (author)  antioch1 year ago
Glad you've liked it. :)
Do you think a Sketchup 3D series of images would suffice to make a decent step-by-step?
antioch Edgar1 year ago

I'm sure they'll suffice although personally, I'd prefer a photographed step-by-step walkthrough since so far pretty much all the sketchup image series on Instructables were rather crude and cryptic.

I can see how easy it is to get disappointed when approaching a hospital with this idea. I don't think hospitals have much interest in supporting or promoting this.
You might have better chances when dealing with non-profit organizations that exclusively care for the poor.

Edgar (author)  antioch1 year ago

Yes, anyone can build one, now.

Kiteman1 year ago

That's a cool idea, thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to the step-by-step.

Edgar (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
I have to find a Fablab that wants to make one of those...
Kiteman Edgar1 year ago

Why not approach a local hospital or private clinic?

Edgar (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Been there, done that. No success. Why?

Portugal's "elites", that's why. Inferiority complex viewed as "enlightenment".

Kiteman Edgar1 year ago

Sounds like you had a bad experience.

Is it trite to suggest there are other hospitals in other countries? Or that you make a "cottage industry" out of converting them for patients yourself, like a crutch garage?

Edgar (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Not trite, and I appreciate your concern. But now, I'm betting on my Nerf Rifle, so maybe one day I might have the money to make those crutches...