Airsoft Gun RC Car Hack


Introduction: Airsoft Gun RC Car Hack

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Brian Henderson here with another RC car hack. As I showed you in my previous Instructable, most RC cars have an unused "turbo" channel that you can hack into to give your cheap RC car a fun and potentially dangerous upgrade :) This video is a full tutorial, showing you step by step how I mounted an Airsoft machine gun onto an RC car and built a circuit that allows me to fire it with the car's remote control. 

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    Do you need a resistor, diode, etc if you're using the turbo button to power an extremely low current component like a magnetic actuator or tiny coreless motor?

    I am working on an airsoft rc ,ignite black ops justice dealer, and i've been told about a $5 sensor chip. The idea is to have the rc car tires to stop when its hit at areas as well as the turrent,to give a fair and fun play at the field,also a way to ump the fire rate would be useful ,thanks if you reply


    4 years ago

    Is it possible to attach a wireless camera onto something like this and display the image on a tv (I know it's possible to display it on a tv, I'm asking if it's possible to also attach the camera)?

    My Dad and I finally got around to redoing this project but we keep failing to solder a wire to the twelfth. The first time we tried we soldered the pin off the remote and the car! This time we got the remote but fused together the backward and turbo pin. Also while trying to scrape the solder off the pins I scratched the board. Now the only way to get the car to move is by placing the screw-driver correctly on the board. It doesn't even remotely move, it automatically moves! How did you solder this?

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    I don't feel helpful by saying this, but basically what you need is a good iron with a fine tip and a steady hand! Also, make sure you test first with a multimeter to make sure you are connecting to the right pin. Many RC cars have similar but slightly different pin number assignments for their TX/RX chips. Don't connect to pin 12 just because I said so!

    Im going to make a fleet of these! U did great on this! these r the things i love, i hope there are more.

    hey joedog86 i have seen ur both projects and i really like them.i even made a nerf car i just wanted to ask u is there any way to make the switch do forward as well as reverse?thanks in advance.

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    5 years ago