Airsoft Pop Up Targets


Introduction: Airsoft Pop Up Targets

This is one of the first targets I created for Airsoft .
This will become part of the Airsoft target range I am building in my attic.
(It's been too warm to work on it for the past few weeks).

Step 1: Knock Down

The lower targets are made from 6mm MDF and coloured with marker pens.
They are held to the lower frame with heavy fabric tape, and staples.

Step 2: Pop Up

Behind the lower figures is a stiff wire, hinged to the frame and pulled up with a long string.
All figures pop back up with a tug on the string.

Step 3: Shoot Up

The top shelf is populated with plastic toy soldiers, they are attached to the shelf with gaffer tape and staples.
A similar hinged wire is used to stand the figures to attention again just by hitting the circular target.

Step 4: Desert Camoflage

The whole "box unit" was painted camo with some spare matt emulsion,
then varnished.
The bullet holes were dents made by an Airsoft rifle, coloured black with a marker pen,
and the outside  ragged edge painted with silver nail varnish.

Step 5: The Range

I have about 10 yards distance from the targets.
It can be a challenge trying to hit a 2 inch target from this range.
The back of the range is lined with carpet off cuts, the frame is angled
to deflect shots into the trough and reduce the risk of bounce back. (Ricochet).

Step 6: Try It

The whole thing was made with scrap bits and bobs.
The backing was made with an old T-shirt
Double skin 2 layers and staple on with a bit of play. this will diffuse some of the shots power.



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    8 Discussions

    Cool idea! I'm going to make one with steel for a 12 Gauge Shotgun range down my basement! Zombies and Terrorists for targets too! I like the re-set wire thing. Very nice!

    3 replies

    i wouldn't shoot metal in a basement with a shot gun any gauge or bore. there will be a high chance of ricochets

    i wouldn't shoot metal in a basement with a shot gun any gauge or bore. there will be a high chance of ricochets

    We are not allowed fire arms, air rifles are limited and single shot, so airsoft was the best option, but look out for my LED light up targets, as soon as I get time to make them:-) also my Zombie headshot is on youtube, it's made from playdou.

    I might make this-My training targets are a <3/4inch target from 40/45 yards with a 365fps (downgraded from 390fps for my local CQB site) M16A4 using iron sights, haven't tried it with my EO Tech 553 yet

    What did u make the actual box out of? I've read it a few times and I can't seem to find it, maybe I just need some sleep. Lol. Cool project :)

    1 reply

    The outer frame was an old wooden picture frame.
    the sides are made from compressed fibre board MDF ( Medium Density Fibre).these were joined with 10mm x 10mm batons , pins and glue.
    The bottom panel is angled down so that BB's roll to the front.