Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations





Introduction: Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

Our daughter wanted an Alice in Wonderland party so here are the decorations we made. Butcher paper, cardboard, posterboard, tissue paper, paint, hot glue, and a little fabric go a long way! We also made her Alice costume.



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    Very cool! My daughter liked this and is sharing it on her FB page, It will be posted on Tuesday 7/19/2016.

    Hi, I was wondering, how did you make the floating smoke letters?

    Wow!! She had my dream come true awesome job , love the details

    love it. I've got a Halloween ? Alice party, and I'm going to have to steal some ideas :-). Many thanks

    I was wondering how did you make the base for the heart hedge.. we are doing a haunted house for my school and I am trying not to spend much or actually anything. So do you have any ides for what I could use as an inexspensive base/stand

    I used a wooden divider that we have in our living room. I use cardboard for almost everything I build. Cardboard hot glue masking tape and paint!! With those items you can come up with just about anything you need!! Cardboard is free! We also always look in paint sections for paint that has been returned to get cheap paint. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions let me know! Good Luck!

    I made an account JUST to tell you how incredibly awesome you are, and you have the LUCKIEST daughter in the world to have such magic created all around her. I am just giddy about what you've done here!

    Thank you for some of the best ideas I've found in weeks for my niece's 7th birthday!

    This is very imaginative! I adore it!

    OH Thank you!!! Our Junior class wants to do an Alice in Wonderland theme for Winter Homecoming this year...I was stumped until I stumbled onto your pictures. These ideas are definitely going to make my job a lot easier!!! I really appreciate you sharing and I hope your daughter had a truly amazing birthday!!

    Well done! I'm planning an Alice in Wonderland party for the end of the month and this has given some great ideas!