these aliens come from a plannet surrounded by water therefore made suits to be able to explore other planets outside their natural element.

Step 1: Fabricating the Head Piece

The head piece frame was made by welding 1/4 inch aluminum rod. Bent and shape to fit the body perfectly.
Black fabric was used to cover the frame from the inside to cover the back of the head.
using a white color pencil tracing the frame to make a templete and last stitch it with wire because it is very thin strong and almost unnoticeable.  
<p>eek! awesome!!</p>
Simply brilliant! <br>
Why don't the domes fog up? Cool idea, love the bubbles, too.
where did you get your domes?
Love this costume!!! Voted and Favorited
That looks awesome! Do you happen to have a clearer picture you can put in the intro step?
Fantastic design, yet rather simple. I like the headpiece as well as the water illusion. <br>Did you use hair gel or something like that to make your hair appear wet?

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