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You dont have an own garden, but like to live in a green environment? Why dont you make an Altoids Tin Mini Garden for your desktop? Use an empty Altoids tin. Put in a piece of tissue, add garden cress seeds and water and wait 3 days. Dont forget to keep your seeds wet.



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I made one! I added a toothpick to hold the lid open, and a usb grow light!


Cool, thanks for sharing! Please post pictures when something grows. Which herbs do you grow there?

Does this cause the tin to oxidate or rust?

unfortunally it does. You can use foil or similar to prevent it from rust.

Very good idea. Wooh im gonna need more tins!

Oh, I have been keeping mine wet by spraying it. I grow wheatgrass for juice, and you don't need to replant it

How did you keep them wet? With a spray bottle?

I think you have a great idea. Have you considered growing mint I. The mint tin?

This would be a neat idea to grow grass in and have like a mini lawn inside an Altoids tin.

I am in the process of growing grass in one of my tins, and if you decide to, this is my advise to you: Water it frequently.