Hi everyone! This is Michael with Elemental LED!

This has been a long awaited project of mine and I am so excited to show it to you all! Hooking the lights up is fairly simple on this project but it is the chandelier frame that can be a little tricky. I suggest coming up with a design you like and going with it. I will provide my dimensions for reference, but ultimately it will be up to you to handle that part.

Material You Will Need:

Chandelier Frame
Acrylic for Under Display (Check out Tap Plastics, they are an excellent source for acrylic!)
Steel Chain (for Suspending the Chandelier)
Chain Locks (Quick Links) - Like These 
Beer Bottles and Caps (Clear bottles work best for the colors, but the look of saving up your favorites is really nice too)

Lighting Material You Will Need:

6x ft. High Density RGB Strip Light
3x High Density RGB Bending Extension
4x ft. High Density Warm White Strip Light
3x High Density Bending Extension
Wireless Color Controller
REIGN Touch Dimmer Switch
8/2 Clear Lamp Wire
60 Watt Plug-In Adapter
1x DC Wire Plug - Female

All right! Lets do this thing!!

Step 1: Chandelier Base Measurements

You will have to start by building a chandelier base. I have a previous experience in the sheet metal field so that was my method of choice. I used Aluminium for its lighter material weight yet super durable strength. 

I wish I could be a little more helpful in this part of the tutorial, but there is not to much I can do as I put this together in my uncles sheet metal shop and most users will not have access to these tools.

You could build this out of wood just as strong. Just make sure to use strong screws and wood glue between your pieces. A nice wood stain could really give this a whole new look.
this is so cool. i bet if it were enlarged, you could use wine bottles too. <br> <br>though that's a hell of a lot of wine to drink. ;D
AWESOME, another excuse to drink more beer :-) <br> <br>How bright is it for providing light to work by (ie is it enough to light a bit of a pub?)
It does provide quite a bit of light upward, but the caps do prevent light going down. If you want to light upwards it will do the job!! :-) <br> <br>-Michael
I really want to do this but I dont want to spend 50 bucks on the RGB controller and another 50 on a dimmer. Could I just do this with white led strips and forget about the rgb controller and just wire it to an on/off switch? This way it would only have white light but it would save me a ton of cash.
Sorry for the late reply. Of course you could! The best part of DIY's are that you get to create things how you want them. When you're ready to get some product call customer service and they can help you figure it out. Send us pictures when its done! Have fun! :-) <br> <br>-MIchael
RGB leds wth the beer bottle...i guess iam collecting now..:) <div> &nbsp;</div>
Alright! Let us know how your project goes :)
Great job! looks awesome. I didn't even know they had multi-color LEDs now.
Thank you! Yes, that's one awesome thing about LEDs and there are color controllers too, to pick exactly what you want. Or even lights that react to music.
Wow, you must really like beer.
who doesnt?
A good way to kick back.
Great looking design. I love the customizable colors with the RGB LEDs
Thank you! Yes it's really easy with color controllers now.
How about to use FULL bottles with peltier cooling?

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