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Extremely simple and low cost way to make sure your text book can stop bangs, scratches, and low caliber bullets.

Step 1: Get Supplies

You will need:
5-6 square feet of 1/16 inch thick aluminum (I got mine for only $3 and it was painted bright orange!)
Duct Tape
Gloves (to protect from sharp edges, put on before starting)
optional: Metal Cutters (You shouldn't have any sharp edges once you fold the metal, but you can be extra safe by cutting off any corners or sharp edges)

Step 2: "Cut" the Metal

Place your book onto the metal so it lines up with the edge and bend it 90 degrees in a way that leaves you with an extra one inch of metal larger than the actual book size. Bend the metal back and forth as far as you can, and eventually it will break in one clean cut. Do this twice so you have a piece of metal for both sides

Step 3: Bend It Into Shape

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Bend the short edges around the book cover with pliers like it shows in the picture, make sure that it isn't too tight to slide off. Bend the long side 90 degrees to create protective jaws. Do this for both pieces of metal.

Step 4: Duct Tape the Two Sides Together

Picture of Duct Tape the Two Sides Together

Now make two strips of duct tape that wrap around the binding of the book width wise and put them together to make a non-sticky piece of tape. (DO NOT PUT DUCT TAPE DIRECTLY ON THE BOOK! IT WILL GET STUCK AND LEAVE MARKS) Make two of these non-sticky tape pieces and tape them on either edge of the binding. (refer to picture) Then make 3 non-sticky strips of tape and use them to cover the binding length wise.

Step 5: Show Off!

Go to school and show off your book cover, stab it with pens, exacto knives etc. to prove the inferiority of those little stretchy ones. Above all, enjoy knowing that you will never have to worry about returning a book in bad condition ever again!

(To remove, simply cut the tape and slide off the metal.)


Yetanotherhacker (author)2013-01-24

I got the aluminum from a liquidation outlet, although it can also be found at most hardware stores.

jmDCI (author)2013-01-24

Where did you get the aluminum?

ktalex (author)2009-09-24

could be used as a weapon!!

Yetanotherhacker (author)ktalex2009-09-25

I'm pretty sure most schools have an anti-weapon policy, plus you would probably just hurt yourself by accident.

dung0beetle (author)2009-09-09

You could roll or fold the edges to keep the open wounds to a minimum, but this will make it harder to remove the book.

When you fold the edges in step 3 it tucks in all sharp corners and should still slide off easily.

inventivefiend (author)2009-09-09

I like the idea. It could use some 'dressing up'. It seems like the sharp metal edges might be a hazard to the maker and/or book. It might be good to tape or otherwise protect them. You might also wish to recommend gloves in the materials list. This also gives me the idea of using this type of metal for possibly making a book-box. (a custom fit box with one open side - book slides in + out)

Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the Instructable to include your recommendations.

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