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Step 1: Attach the CDs Together.

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In this case, make sure that the CDs will look like pyramid. You can use more Disk as many as you want.

Step 2: Magnifying Time.

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Put the magnifying glass together with the disk.

Step 3: Make the USB Cord!

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Cut and open a usb port and connect the LED with resistor.

Step 4: Bottle As a Base!

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Use a bottle as a stand of the pyramid form of disk.

Step 5: Insert the Light Producer.

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Put the LED cord inside the pyramid disks.

Step 6: And Then It's Done! :)

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Enjoy the brighter night! :)


mwatts2 (author)2014-08-21

I think you've used not only the Instructions but also the pictures from household hackers YouTube video USB Illuminator!:

seamster (author)2014-08-20

Interesting! Thanks for sharing this.

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