I loved designing and creating this cropped jacket that was inspired by the character Amber in the movie "Sucker Punch". It is an intriguing style with kimono sleeves and a band collar. This design fits the body beautifully and I love the way the drawstring details also play an important role in the design.

You can wear this jacket with or without the drawstring detail, it depends on your mood. With the drawstring, it gives a elaborate fantasy look, and without them you get a more casual look. Either way the skinny lace highlights the jacket with very flattering style lines that are suitable for most occasions.

This jacket requires intermediate sewing skill due to stretchy fabric and lots of zipper details. But If you are a beginner sewer who loves a challenge, then this style is perfect for you! Let me know if you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them.

Step 1: Research

Picture of Research
Research: For my research I used a lot of reference photos of the actual movie costume. After finding the photos that showed all the necessary views and angles, I printed them as clear and high contrast as I could. Using these photo printouts, I was able to draw the seam lines and detail lines. This method allows me to draft a pattern that doesn't miss any important information, but it also gives me a sense for which details may have to be omitted due to limitations.
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etw4 years ago
I am already so impressed and I haven't even tried to begin yet ;-)
vasarian (author)  etw4 years ago
Heheh. The pattern pieces really challenged my imaginations and stretched my pattern making skills. I hope these patterns will give you a good starting point. :)
etw vasarian4 years ago
Gonna try ;-)
vasarian (author)  etw4 years ago
let me know if you have any specific questions. the whole creation of this costume is very detailed. I think I put down 90% of it. But who know the 10% missing may be what you need. :)
etw vasarian4 years ago
appreciate that. I am very much a 'fly by the seat of yr pants' person and used to making changes and adaptations while I get along, but if needed I will ask you. Tnx!
hinaqin7 months ago

GET IMPRESSED! Does this only for thin figure, not for me la

arkhamite1 year ago

This is impeccable quality. Slow clap for you.

static3 years ago
Nice work, and if you are the model, you do your handiwork justice.
hell ya!!
crazygavman4 years ago
god where can i get one of those.... im not talking about the jacket....
Ward_Nox4 years ago
that jacket was originally used in one of the stargate series (the double lacing is unique enough for me to remember it)
So freakin cute/awesome.
vasarian (author)  violentorchid4 years ago
;-) thanks!!!
idogis14 years ago
At least something good came out of that mess.

Great 'ible.
vasarian (author)  idogis14 years ago
hhahaha yeah the movie was kinda all over the place. ;)
uptight4 years ago
Absolutely pretty cosplay!
vasarian (author)  uptight4 years ago
leims4 years ago
Vasarian !
Прекрасная работа! Очень интересная идея!
chris1994 years ago
very very nice!!!. oh yeah also the jacket.
gleeflang4 years ago
omg you look awesome and that jacket is neat ;d and nice tut about bracelet thing xd
vasarian (author)  gleeflang4 years ago
Thanks!! I am just like to craft, i wish crafting in real life is as fast as MMO tho. :P
coregeek4 years ago
Awesome job. You and the jacket looked great at ECCC.
vasarian (author)  coregeek4 years ago
Heheh I was not at ECCC and this jacket was not there either. :( I just finished this a few days ago.
Funny. My bad. I saw that you were from Seattle and assumed that it was you whom I saw. My apologizes. I'm sure you could have kicked that other Amber's butt ;-)
vasarian (author)  coregeek4 years ago
nah, each to their own. I saw the Amber in ECCC too. I tho she did pretty good job. But thanks!
Fretka4 years ago
that is an AWESOME TUTORIAL... now where did you get the sweet Hat and the pant/holster? Did you make the bottoms as well? Amazing outfit !
vasarian (author)  Fretka4 years ago
Thanks!! I didn't make the awesome hat, but i am sure you can find a pattern somewhere on the vase interwebs . ;) I did make the pants. I am going to post the pants tutorial later. ;))
Verry, verry nice jacket!
I think, I'll sew it for my wife ;)
and the pants too - don't let me (and my wife) wait to long for the pants ;)
vasarian (author)  Hammerschmid4 years ago
;) i am working on it. The pants/chaps are kinda tricky. and harder to explain really. But I will try! :)
SpaceRat4 years ago
Amber , you EXTRA Fine! That's why I married a Filipina!
cazasnark4 years ago
Wow, I have no sewing skills and probably would never try anything close to this, but good job and yeah, you look hot.
Vissy4 years ago
You can get the hats at surplus stores for a couple of bucks. Try a Militaria Show or Gun Show (Check your Sunday paper for events).

This is an amazing costume, and my GOD you look incredibly sexy in it. You couldnt have made it more perfect.
BtheBike4 years ago
Like Woe !
JessickaRay4 years ago
Thanx so much for this i'ble!!! Can't wait to start on this project :)
vasarian (author)  JessickaRay4 years ago
yay! i would love to see your finished piece.
WizardJBW4 years ago
Great coat! I like the collar and the zipper on the shoulder. The lace stripes and overall design of the back of the coat is super as well.
Well done!
vasarian (author)  WizardJBW4 years ago
Thank you! The collar with the zipper at side seam really want challenging. I had to remove some seam allowance to make it look smoother. ;)
You look awesome and you did also a very nice job with the Jacket !
wwillia354 years ago
wow you know that jacket was made for you
bowmaster4 years ago
Good job, the jacket looks great on you.
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