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Introduction: Ammo Box Speakers

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I need some speakers that would withstand some weathering and look nice in the my new jeep. So I used some old military ammo boxes and so 6x9 speakers.

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Step 1: Materials

2 - 6x9 speakers I use some cheap ones from walmart for $24
2- Military Ammo Boxes Pawn Shop 4.99
1- Can Black rustoleum $3
1- Dip it rubber coating $4

Step 2: Cut First

The 6x9 speakers will come with a template which you can lay directly on the box. Make sure you center the speaker and have the handles facing the way you want. Trace template on speaker then use a grinder, drimmel , or Drill to open up a place to start. Once you have a starting point you simply follow the template line you traced with a jig saw.

Step 3: Sand, Paint, and Mount Speakers

Now its time for paint I went with paint/rubber spray/paint gives it some texture and hopefully makes it a bit stronger. Lay the speaker in the hole after paint has dried and use a marker to mark where holes should be drilled for screws. Also at this point dill out a hole for the speaker wire to come through. Then give all edges a good sanding before mounting the speaker.

Step 4: Wire

Wire speakers and turn it up to 11...



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    Where did you mount them on your rig? While wheeling in my beast one of the drivers dropped out of the speaker bar and took a shot at my life! I haven't replaced it yet because I'm trying to work out a better way/place to mount them. I love your idea and I am thinking of a way to mount them inside AND have them easy to remove so I can just toss them on my bonnet or something.

    I like your keeping a military theme in the utilization of the ammo boxes. I noticed a comment about buzz. I installed a Sony system with 6X9's and 6's in my small Nissan truck. I used oval and round cookie tins and adapted them, but I had buzz. To eliminate it I just put a piece of loosely wadded up scrape cloth in the cookie tin and it cleared it up totally getting rid of the counter harmonics. I also drilled a lot of vent hole in the back of the tins. Peace

    Nice work. If anyone lives in Canada and is looking for these ammo boxes, Princess Auto has them real cheap.

    great idea. I'm never going to look at an ammo box the same way again. Did you put any acoustic dampening material inside? Also, those cheap speakers might sound "pk" but I'll bet if you popped some hotter drivers in those they'd really come alive!

    did the same thing in my Bronco II a while back because i wanted some waterproof speakers since its a chop top but i didnt have a spot to put them. i used boat speakers and sealed everything up with all weather silicone sealant & it still works after being soaked at the mudhole and getting rained on :)

    try cutting an old pillow open and stuff the ammo boxes with the pillow stuffing, itll stop the boxes from vibrating so much and makes the low tones sound alot better. just my .02

    Thanks for the comment....Not to much buzzing, the coat of rubber spray paint stuff helps to keep things from moving easily. Also the speakers are Velcroed down which helps a lot.

    Good work. The idea of taking things that held tools of war and with a jigsaw and some spray paint, turning them into speakers...excellent. I would like to turn a bomber into a subwoofer.

    I would sugest removing the handle and the small lose bar that is below the latch just so vibration wont cause them to make any unwanted noise at high volumes. If you wanted you could replace the handle with one that is more solidly mounted.

    I've heard that if you put speakers in a metal container, they have a "tinty" sound to them, do these?