Picture of An Easy, Portable Outdoor Movie Screen
One of our favorite parties involves having friends over to watch a movie on the outdoor screen. With a movie, you can easily tie in themed invitations, food and drink, music and games—but you can also call the neighbors over for impromptu snacks and a screening, and still have a grand old time.

This screen was designed to be low cost (under $40 for everything), easy to make, and portable. The entire thing can be broken down and carried in a yoga or bat bag for transportation to different locations.

Whenever possible, I had cuts made when purchasing. This meant one less step at home and in the case of the pvc pipe, it meant I could get the pieces home in my little Toyota. 
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Step 1: Determine Your Screen Size

Picture of Determine Your Screen Size
Find the widest outside wall of your house and measure the height and width. I would recommend maximizing both height as well as width, because not all films are shot in wide format. If your screen is only wide, you may end up showing an older square format film on half the available screen space.

The back of our garage is 12' wide and approximately 8' high, so those are the dimensions I started with.

This is great and I really like the casing idea. But I do have a. question regarding the couplings. Could you please explain where the 6 couplings would go. Thank you!

sylrig (author)  dan.hansen.370114 days ago

I'm so sorry for my delay in replying. The couplings hold the top and bottom pieces together. A single length of pvc pipe was not strong enough to support the screen, but by using shorter lengths and coupling them together, it became stronger.

clrcopy1 year ago
Great screen! I ordered screen material from Amazon and built a pvc frame. It's 200"x100". Now I'm working on an easier way to put the screen up each time. If I come up with what I'm thinking, I will def. do an instructable, because I haven't been able to find anything close to what I'm thinking, lol. As for projector, mine too is an optima, and a few years old but still great, and will push the 200" just fine. But like you said they sure have come down in price and are getting brighter as well. Happy Movie watching!
sylrig (author)  clrcopy1 year ago
I'll look forward to your instructable! This was my second screen, and I'd still like to improve it to make it easy to put up, take down and store (and ideally, transport to other people's homes, as well).
reggs3 years ago
Urmm, what do you use for the image ? Projector right ? But which one would you recommend ?
sylrig (author)  reggs3 years ago
Wow, that's a hard question--it's such a personal choice. Ours is several years old and is an Optoma, but projectors are getting brighter, smaller and cheaper all the time. Probably best to look at a consumer site for the latest information.