Two DIY micro-controller based USB connected electronic units which along with the Texas Instruments Analog System Lab Starter kit and a laptop permit you to conduct analog experiments anywhere.

It would be wonderful  if senior students and laboratory supervisors built these units so that they could be used in their laboratories by freshers.

Aj-SigGen-PS     http://ajoyraman.in/DDS_SigGen_PS.html

Aj-Simple-Scope      http://ajoyraman.in/USB_Simple_Oscilloscope.html

Analog System Lab Starter Kit ASLKv2010    http://www.uniti.in/teaching-material/analog-system-lab-starter-kit

Step 1: Aj-SigGen-PS

This unit is designed to compliment the Aj-Simple-Scope and serve as a teaching aid for budding engineers, electronic enthusiasts and hobbyists.

This USB connected unit implements a microcontroller based DDS Signal Generator providing Sin and Triangular waveforms with adjustable magnitude and offset up to 50 kHz. TTL and 1 V square waves are simultaneously provided. Additionally ± 12V and a variable +2 to 7V output with a total capacity of  1W is provided to power external circuits under test.

Hi Ajoy &ndash; I work for TI in Worldwide University Relations, and must say that our entire team truly enjoyed your Instructable! On a personal note, I was very impressed with your project&rsquo;s innovation, your engineering expertise, and the driving passion you have to help students learn.<br> <br> That said, I&rsquo;d love to invite you to be a guest blogger on TI&rsquo;s <a href="http://www.ti.com/univblog" rel="nofollow">University Blog</a> to continue the conversation about your experience with our <a href="http://e2e.ti.com/group/universityprogram/educators/w/wiki/2236.analog-system-lab-starter-kit.aspx" rel="nofollow">Analog System Lab Starter Kit</a>. Please also feel free to visit our <a href="http://E2E community forum" rel="nofollow">E2E community forum</a> and comment on the ASLK PRO or ASLK starter kit tool folder pages. Your input would be highly valued!<br> <br> If I may, I would also like to add a comment about our other Analog kit that is available worldwide: the <a href="http://www.ti.com/aslk" rel="nofollow">Analog System Lab Kit PRO</a> (ASLK PRO). It is the perfect platform to test almost any analog system using general-purpose ICs such as op-amps and analog multipliers.<br> <br> Are you familiar with this product? It comes with&nbsp;14 step-by-step experiments. In fact, if the ASLK PRO kit would be helpful to you as you continue investing in your hands-on student learning endeavors, we would like to talk to you about this as well.<br> <br> I hope to hear from you soon regarding the invite to post on the guest blog and chat further. Please message me initially through Instructables.<br> <br> Best,<br> <br> Amber Pizano<br> Texas Instruments Incorporated
Thank you for your encouraging comment ! I must acknowledge the interactions with uniTI, Bangalore, India which have have helped in focusing my efforts. Best Regards, Ajoy

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Bio: I am a retired Electronic Systems Engineer now pursuing my hobbies full time. I share what I do especially with the world wide student community.
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