• Breadboard wiring and electronics skills.
  • Arduno Uno.
  • HC-05 Bluetooth serial module.


ArduDroid (formerly Andruino) is a simple tool to help you control your Arduino (or clone) from your Android phone. It's both an Android app and an Arduino program. ArduDroid has a simple Android user interface to 1) control Arduino's digital and PWM pins 2) send text commands to Arduino 3) and receive data from Arduino over Bluetooth serial using the ever popular and really cheap (less than $10 from ebay) HC-05 Bluetooth over serial module. This app has been tested and designed for the HC-05 Serial Bluetooth module. Other Bluetooth modules may or may not work. Please see comments section for users who tried other Bluetooth modules with this app.


ArduDroid should work with other Bluetooth modules with some tweaking but I have only tested it with the HC-05. This is an alpha version that's running fine on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. Please share your experience running ArduDroid on your phone. Also, while I used Arduino Uno in this prototype, feel free to experiment with other models of Arduino. Please share your experience to help me improve this app.

I have published a guide before on building and programming a circuit with the HC-05 Bluetooth module and Arduino but I will briefly describe again in this guide how to wire the circuit using a breadboard and jumper wires.

ArduDroid is an app that evolved during one of my development projects. Special thanks to engineer Jafar Quttaineh for testing the app and for his invaluable input.

Step 1: How to use ArduDroid

You can use ArduDroid to send commands to Arduino to control a relay to turn electric gadgets on/off, control a robot servo, increase/decrease speed of a motor and reverse direction, dim a light, speed up a fan, and so on.  Furthermore, you can read Arduino pins and sensors then transmit the data back to your android phone.

<p>Hey, great App and great writeup. This has really helped me develop my bluetooth project, can I get the source code for the Android App? I am developing an app in Visual Studio and running into some issues getting the bluetooth communication to work, if you have any advice I'd appreciate it<br>Thanks</p><p>jsroos89@gmail.com</p>
<p>This guide is definitely what I was looking for. I'm just wondering if it's possible for you to send me the Android source code.</p><p>Thank you very much. My email address is s3382137@student.rmit.edu.au</p>
<p>can you please send me source code for this project.my mail id is hussmarsidi@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hello, I really like your project. Is it possible to have the source code of your android app. It would be so nice to work with it. My contact is js560797@gmail.com </p><p>Many thanks for your time!</p>
<p>HC-06 pairs fine. I can connect to it with another application (that has a connect button). However my Galaxy S5 sport has no menu button that allows me to connect to HC-06 from ArdruDroid. I am so close, I cannot give up ...... Any suggestions?</p>
<p>I found the answer. Press and hold the left bottom button (application list button?) and the menu (3 dot) button activates.</p>
<p>I have connected/wired the circuit perfectly well, and if I send the commands from my Laptop, the 'digital_write' or 'analog_write' commands work very well.But I find no actions when trying thru paired HC05 and ArduDroid app. How can I test BT module ?</p>
<p>hc05 is blinking once after 2 sec or so but the project is not working.... help me out</p>
<p>check your transmitting and receiving section on both arduno uno bord and bluetooth module..and also while uploading the program bluethooth module pin should kept out and then enjoyyy......</p>
<p>it is not working, i have connected everything but the led wont glow</p>
<p>Hi, could I get the ArduDroid app source code for tweaking? Thanks. quique123@yahoo.com</p>
<p>Hi, i have installed ArduDroid on my android device phone with Android version 4.4.2 </p><p>On opening ArduDroid app, there is no action menu, therefore I cannot connect with the BT module through ArduDroid..</p><p> I tried another app, Arduino Bluetooth to verify BT connection capability, connection works, blink light goes steady. </p><p>I deleted and reloaded ArduDroid app, but still no Action Menu, can somebody help?</p><p>Cheers,</p><p>Craig A</p>
<p>Hi, a very good project. Am wondering if I could get the android source code.</p><p>fjaraba@gmail.com</p><p>Thanks you very much!</p>
<p>Hey, it would be very nice to have a look on your android code. I actually have the problem, that I dont understand how you managed it to send PWM data and normal digitalWrite (high/low) data from the phone, so that the arduino knows, what kind of data the android device sends.</p><p>My mail adress is gregsto1998@gmail.com </p><p>It would be very nice if you can help me with this problem.</p>
can you please send me source code for this project.my mail id is navyatha.nellore@gmail.com<br>
can you please send me source code for this project.my mail id is navyatha.nellore@gmail.com<br>
can yoy please provide source code for this project
<p>hi really a great project , i have only developed basic android apps bluetooth apps are beyond my knowledge. can you please mail the source code.</p><p>my email id : viswa0894@gmail.com </p>
Can you elaborate the code block for digitalwrite pins
<p>Hi, a very good project. Am wondering if I could get the android source code.</p><p>awai_hazard@hotmail.com</p><p>Thanks a bunch!</p>
<p>Hi TechBitar,</p><p>Excellent project, no problem on Mega 2560 but so far not working on Yun.</p><p>Does anyone know of any reason for this or maybe I am doing </p>
<p>Please send me the android source file</p><p>3t.khatvong2012@gmail.com</p><p>Thanks you</p>
<p>Please send me the android source file</p><p>rekcah2222@yahoo.it</p><p>Thanks you</p>
<p>Please can you send me the android source file kutxipato@gmail.com Thanks</p>
<p>can pls made an in-depth guide of the Arduino skeleton and how to add some code, <br><br>I'm new to this , XD </p>
<p>Please send me the android source file aldovermeryl@gmail.com Thanks</p>
<p>Please send me the android source file (aia file): vietbrave2010@gmail.com. Thank you.</p>
<p>sir please send me the source code for android app</p><p>kirubarvb@gmail.com</p><p>Thamk you</p>
<p>Please send me the source file (aia file): rsatchel@asu.edu</p>
<p>please send me source code for android app.</p><p>my email : softkeyzac@gmail.com</p><p>It is important for a project.</p>
<p>please send me source code for android app.</p><p>my email : priatnajumsa@gmail.com</p><p>thank you</p>
<p>please give me the code anna.coolprincess@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hi, Nice project!. Can I have the source code please? fjmobileservice@gmailcom</p><p>It would be awesome to personalize the buttons and menus.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>May I have a copy of the code?<br>If so, please send it to my email: snattrass28@gmail.com</p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>could you please send me the source code of the android app at</p><p>walaanaser.wn@gmail.com</p>
<p>Could you please send me the source code of the android app at ngocdangaaa15@gmail.com . </p>
<p>Thank you for sharing this!</p><p>I have an Android phone version 4.0.4 and ArduDroid won't let me connect to my HC-06. I installed a BT terminal app (by Alexander Vozjennikov) and this could connect! Another BT terminal app (by Qwerty) could only connect by using the secure connection option. Hope this helps ...</p>
<p>I want some source code too. Please contact me at arm_kntjnd@hotmail.com. Please, I need your help!!</p>
<p>Could you please send me the source code of the android app at joyceaiman@ymail.com. Amazing project by the way.</p>
<p>I Made it!</p>
<p>Uno, HC-05 and Ardudroid all linked up perfectly thank you. Any chance one of you guys can help with some code or tips for adding servos using the Adafruit 16-channel, 12 bit module? Am VERY new to this. Many thanks</p><p>noo_yorka@hotmail.com</p>
<p>Thank for making this useful project.You can see my work from the link below.</p><p><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/SMART-POWER-OUTLET/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/SMART-POWER-OUTLET/</a></p>
<p>THANK YOU!</p><p>Was nice to make this program, and it work like a charm!</p><p>Just to play i've added a servo and a temperature sensor TMP36.</p><p>And now i can control leds, servo, and read temperature sensor from my Android phone! :))</p><p>I'm so happy about it! :D</p><p>I've got only one problem: </p><p>Sometimes i can't read the temperature sensor.</p><p>When i press the button &quot;Get Data&quot; on Ardudroid, i get the read only sometimes and not every the time i press it.</p><p>If i use:</p><p>Serial.print(&quot; Analog 0 = &quot;);</p><p> Serial.println(analogRead(A0)); </p><p>It works perfectly, and i get the read every time i clik on &quot;Get Data&quot;.</p><p>But in my code, i have to make some calculation to get temperature value.</p><p>My code to read temperature is:</p><p>float volts=(analogRead(A0)/1024.0)*5;</p><p> float temperature=(volts-0.5)*100;</p><p> Serial.print(&quot; Degrees C: = &quot;); </p><p> Serial.println(temperature);</p><p>With this code i can NOT get the read every time i click &quot;Get Data&quot;.</p><p>Sometimes yes and sometimes not.</p><p>I don't know why... Any help?</p><p>Thank you! :)</p>
I need this entire project pdf please send to my mail sivakumar31may@gmail.com
<p>You think is possible to send the source android code? My email stamosabatis@gmail.com.</p><p>Thank you in andvance</p>
<p>Hi, it pairs but the app does not do anything, neither lights come on. I've tried pulling the bluetooth module out then uploading before reconnecting but this does nothing. Any ideas?</p>
<p>change the serial rate in the sketch to 115200, that was my problem.</p>
<p>Great one!</p>

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