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returner2 months ago

Hi, i have a question and i hope you guys can help me with this. how does the arduino actually know actually know which data it is going to send or receive? in which part of the code does it do that? i want to make two arduinos one having a HC05 as a master sending data over to a HC06 slave on two different laptops. I hope you can answer me.

hemendraB11 months ago

Please guide me to establish connection between two Arduino boards using seperate hc 05 bluetooth modules(one module for each board). Please reply (Its very urgent).

Bossmo1 year ago

hi , how are you ,

i did my project from this topic Using Visual Basic 2010 to control Arduino Uno,

but there is a little problem ,

have 8 Leds,
Led 1-5 use val from 0 to 9 for on & off which work fine.
but when i use val 10 to turn on Led 6 but the Led 1 turns on. i don't know why?

how can i fix this please thanks,,

please i need it quickly .

thanks a lottt

Csl2 Bossmo12 months ago

Im trying to do that project... but i need the Visual basic code... can u send me the code?


BOB911 year ago
Hello @techbitar i lost my bluetooth module password can i reset it ?
can you help me please
ronaldoff1 year ago
I was playing with your sketch and the HC-05 module, under linux mint and it works quite fine, thanx for sharing.
To turn HC-05 in AT command mode, I first didn't succeed because I didn't follow the power on steps ... (was too excited to test)

So I wired gnd of HC-05 to pin8 instead of gnd of Arduino and added these two lines to your sketch in setup() after "digitalWrite(9, HIGH);"

pinMode(8, OUTPUT); // pin8 from Arduino to gnd of HC-05
digitalWrite(8, LOW); //to power it on AFTER setting pin 34 HIGH and without "playing" with wires

Now, just pluging my duemilanove thru usb and everything works like a charm.
Hope this will help others

Keep going on the good work !

techbitar (author)  ronaldoff1 year ago
Glad it's working fine now and thanks for the updates.
i make robot car : arduino uno , arduino motor sheild , ultrsonic sensor, 2motors >>
my problem
af dc motor does not name a type??? how can solve it
Edgar2 years ago
Amongst a Tubleweed Mine Sweeper, and Tree Bark Foam, you will find an Arduino embeded on a Tego Technik for RC, here: