This is a deep sea Angler Fish costume I made for Halloween this year.  I Hope you enjoy following along with the process here.

Material list
EVA Foam (purchased in the form of 'Anti Fatigue Mats'
Poly Foam 1/2" thick
Aluminum ski pole
Steel Electrical Conduit 1/2"
Acrylic Hemisphere's 9" and 12" diameter, 2 each

Contact cement
Spray foam Adhesive
Hot Glue
Super Glue
Latex Paint
Gorilla Glue

Fiber optic cable
Blue LED string lights
Speaker Wire
Color Changing LED's
AA Batteries
PVC pipe
Translucent Plastic Ball
Cable ties
Electrical tape
Heavy duty Zipper
Wood (teeth)
Electrical switches
Retractable ID badge cable
Assorted nuts and bolts

Step 1: Make a Plan

As with any complex crafts project, drawing is the first important step.  I started with a few sketches to work out the design and figure out what this thing was going to look like.  If you follow this instructable, perhaps you can skip the design phase and move straight to building.  After a few sketches i had a sense for the scale of the fish and how I was going to fit inside. 
This is EPICally amazing! I hope you win this time, you have my vote and I'm in the contest too! This looks 100% professionally created. You should work in Hollywood!
Creative and Brilliant execution. Best original costume idea I have seen this year.
<p>Super Cooooooool</p>
<p>WOW I mean WOW good job ( WOW ) !!! </p>
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win good luck!
Awesome job, this kind of lends a comical appearance to a kind of scary looking fish.
This is the best thing I've ever seen ever! Amazing job bro
angler fish just want to be loved too! so awesome.
Awesome! voted! good luck :)
You should have crushed that deva. ;) I hope we get some cool photo on stage together!!!!
Ive got some good video of you. Congrats on the big win- great costume.
this is so much better than any winged bikini diva... beautiful!
Did you have trouble getting it into venues due to the height? Did the mouth move?
It did surprisingly well at the club- the subway was a tougher fit. The lower body is pretty flexible so I didn't have any trouble getting low when I needed. The mouth is fixed in place. Early on in the construction I had it on a hinge but eventually I traded motion for strength and reliability.
Smart call on the reliablity. No fun carrying a &quot;repair kit&quot; to a contest. I got greedy on my dragon wings and had a bolt fall out half way through a party.
this is friggin awesome - I have a feeling you've stuff like this before
I've got half a dozen pretty elaborate costumes under my belt by this point. First time foam user though.
I know how you feel man. Artistic loses to female assets far too often in the contests. Very nice EVA shaping, excellent use of the fiber optic, and I like your backpack design. I'm glad I'm not competing against you up here in Seattle :)
Ha! Thanks man. <br>
Absolutely fintastic! The accent lights in the dark are superb.
You should have won the night club costume contest! What a GREAT costume!
This is an amazing costume
Fantastic costume! Sorry about your luck with the contest. Angler fish trumps bikini clad diva with angel wings any day in my book :)...maybe if you put it in a bikini and call it sexy angler fish it'll win next year?
This is wonderful!! So awesome and detailed. :D

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