Angry Birds Earrings





Introduction: Angry Birds Earrings

Pigs got you down? Smash their homes to bits with these super angry bird earrings!

This Instructable will show you how to make some earrings for your most Angry Birds addicted friends.

These instructions assume you have basic clay-building skills and an understanding of how to properly attach clay pieces together. If you need more detailed instructions on these things before crafts some angry birds, see my instructable on Geek Earrings here:

Step 1: Materials

- A needle
- Pliers
- Oven
- Bread pan or other deep, oven-safe pan
- Paintbrush

- White polymer clay. I tried out a kind called "Bake Shop" that was less than half the cost of Sculpey III or Fimo, and while it was much softer than I am used to, it seems to have come out stronger after baking. Plus at only $1 for the same sized block as the $2.75 blocks of Sculpey and Fimo, I will probably use this clay from now on.
- Acrylic paints in red, white, yellow, and black
- Clear nail polish
- Wire

Step 2: Draw Your Angry Design

It always helps me to draw out the design of my shapes and break it all down into very simple forms. I've found that doing this little drawing really saves time and thought process later.

Step 3: Body, Eyes, and Angry Eyebrows

Roll two same-sized balls of clay for the bodies of the birds.

Roll four small same-sized balls for the birdie eyeballs. Use a needle or toothpick to mark where you will put the eyes and make sure it is all evenly spaced. Scratch the surface of the body around the toothpick mark and scratch a small area on each eyeball. Pressing the scratched areas together, flatten the eyeballs onto the body.

Roll four tiny same-sized balls for the black of the eyes and press onto the eyeballs.

Make four small snakes, score the forehead and the snakes, and press above the eyes to make angry eyebrows.

Step 4: Belly and Beak

Roll out two same-sized circles and flatten on your work surface into circles. Score one side lightly and score the belly area on the body. Press the belly onto the body of the bird.

Form two medium-sized pyramids our of clay and shape into beaks. Score and attach to the face between the eyes.

Form two small-sized pyramids, score, and attach to the body below the other beak.

Step 5: Feathers, Tail, and Eyelet

Roll out little snakes for the head feathers and the tail and attach using the scoring method.

Gently press a jump ring into the top feather on the head and use a needle, toothpick, or other tool to push some clay through the jump ring. If you need to you can add a tiny clay rope through the ring to further secure the ring. Make sure it doesn't fall off!

Having said that, mine fell off during baking. If this happens, you can just superglue the ring in place.

Step 6: Bake the Little Birdies

Bend some wire to create low points for each earring to sit so that the earring doesn't touch any part of the pan. Affix the wire to your pan in some way--mine has convenient holes on the sides for easy attachment.

Bake at 275F for 15 minutes.

Step 7: Paint!

Paint the body and head feathers red and let dry. Paint all the white--the eyes and the belly, then the black eyes, eyebrows , and tail feathers. Mix some yellow with a little bit of red to make perfect beak-orange and paint the beak.

After you finish painting, go back and paint the red again. Clean up any missed areas.

Step 8: Add Earring Findings, Coat, and Wear!

Use pliers to add earring findings to the angry birds and give the whole birdies two coats of clear nail polish.

Wear your new geeky earrings around the city!



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    Amazing painting can u make an instructable on painting I'm not a very good oainter

    Thank you! Maybe I will make an instructable with some painting tips for teensy objects. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Sweet! I love 'em! Totally trying this.

    I would love to see the result, and good luck!

    haha soo cool
    i like your green pig earrings too

    I couldn't find Bake Shop at Michaels...anywhere else I could get it (preferably with coupons? XD) ?

    You can probably get it at Joann's, Hobby Lobby, or online. Joann's and Hobby Lobby usually have coupons as well.