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When you have your PC in the Attic, it can be really hot in the room.

Inspired from the projects here, i have build my own easy solution for 1-3h cool air.

2 Fans ( works also with 5 Volt ).

IsoBox: My is from this part:

Cut out the overlap parts, but do not cut through, and watch your fingers :)

Cut 1-2 slots for the fresh air to come out.

At the top, cut out the holes for the fans, and glue them in. Hint: The fans should suck the warm air.

I had a USB Cable for Power: Before you connect the cables together watch the poles!

Step 1: Cuts and Glues

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Make the slots not to big, and look up, so that the glue not blob on the propeller from the fans.

bring the cables together and....

Step 2: Put Something Cool In

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I have for testing some cool packs from the freezer. Put them in the box.

you can run with this both fans over an USB Port, because they use together a power of 120 mA

For turn off and on, i have this little helper Sure it works also another way, but it was there. :)

For hold the cap down i use a band from a old headlight.

So thats all.

Keep cool! :)


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