First let me give a big thanks Kaptin Scarlet for inspiration and his instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/A-really-magic-Harry-Potter-wand-for-Lumos-and-Rev/. Very cool work and definitely my inspiration, among the many other awesome wands made on here. Also, any feedback would be welcomed, would like to hear from ya'. If this "ible" has motivated you then please rate it and be sure to place a vote in the contest! :)

 Be sure to take a look at the Albus Dumbledore Elder Wand I entered in the "Make It Glow" contest... https://www.instructables.com/id/Professor-Dumbledores-Incredible-Illuminating-L/ 

  I have two sons, 21 and 9 - yep, a bit of an age gap, but one of the few things they have in common is the love of Harry Potter (...and Star Wars, me included)...and of course now I am hooked on this wand making thing too...so I will be making many more I am sure. Thanks for the sickness "Kaptin"! lol

 So let's get down to this "Making it Glow" challange with a illuminating Harry Potter inspired wand. This was not difficult and there really is no way to mess up if you take your time. Now it does involve soldering, but I am a complete novice at soldering and still pulled this off. So do not cut yourself short, give it a try!! Hey I am new to this stuff too, no excuses! You can exclude the LED/battery pack section and still make an awesome wand.


- 2 or 3 sheets of heavy drawing paper ( a lighter weight will still work)

- White glue

- Hot glue gun with glue sticks

- Acrylic Paints and brushes AND a few damp paper towels

- LED ear piece night-light (I got mine from Harbor Freight for a buck or something close)

- extra length of wire

- Soldering gun with flux core solder wire

Step 1: Making the LED Assembly

 First get your materials organized and close by.

 Now let's get most of the soldering outta' the way. For me this was kinda easy, I did NOT have to make a switch or battery holder...it was already made. I bought that green LED ear piece you see lit in the pictures at Harbor Freight for a couple bucks. If you can find something like this or similar then you are golden.

  You'll want to take that "i-sight" LED ear piece and seperate the LED from the battery pack. I just took a pair of pliers and gently pried the LED from the battery pack....careful, don't break the wires, they don't have much slack. now snip the from each other as shown in the photo.

You will be left with the LED and the battery pack with red and white wires like shown in the picture. I clipped that in half so I could extend it the wand's length. You'll wanna' strip a bit of the plastic tubing off the wires to expose them for soldering...

SOLDER the battery pack FIRST! Do not attach the LED yet, set it aside for later. Soldering is DONE for now. Moving on...
<p><strong>I really like this and will make for my granson.You did a great job. </strong></p><p><strong>Think I'll try to make on my wood lathe. </strong></p>
So Cool, Guess I'm gonna have to make one for my grandson. He's a Harry Potter fan.
He will love it Bloonie!! My son loves this better than the one we could of bought at the park!! Post it up when you make it. :)
Love this! We love Harry Potter and Star Wars too! I did similar wands, but no light...this ups the awesome 100%! Nice work! :)
Hey thanks for the props (pun intended, lol) <br>I am just now getting into the Harry Potter realm...waaaaaayyyyyy behind, haven't even seen one complete movie yet!! I know, I know....SAD!! But am finding it very interesting with all the back stories and such....like Star Wars! :)

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