Summer...I don't like the heat and I'm not a big fan on swimming, but there is one thing I LOVE about summer(besides fireworks). Summer fruit! There's nothing better than going to your local orchard, farmers' market or even your own backyard and picking summers best secret.That first bite is almost a time machine that can send you back to your childhood with it's sun-kissed skin and  juicy sweet juices as they ran down your chin. This jam has a wonderful mix of sweet and tangy. It goes well with soo many things. Bring a small jar to your next BBQ or picnic and use it as a sandwich spread or as a marinade on pork chops and chicken. It also goes well as an ice cream topper, pairs well with crackers a sharp cheese & wine, in the center of cupcakes for a wonderful secret surprise, pep up your morning oatmeal  and of course on toast. 

This is a small batch recipe so you won't need to buy a ton of fruit  and it won't cost a fortune. Plus, giving jam is a great gift for any occasion. People are always WOW'd when I tell them I didn't buy the jam/jelly I gave them, I made it. (Make sure you always save a couple jars for yourself).

Step 1: Important Information on Canning

Before we start, there's a couple of things we should talk about for those of you who have never canned or maybe need a refresher. It does take some work, but it will get easier the more you do- just as anything is. Please check out a few of these links if you are new to canning and plan on making it into a hobby or business. I will be going over every step throughly because it is very important to follow safe, santized, up-to-date methods. That being said, lots of people have different methods of preserving. Not all of them are safe and not all are up-to-date methods. If you find a recipe you'd like to try ALWAYS make sure to follow new standards to sanitize & seal the jars. Keep and use the 1st link below to follow new guidelines.
National Center for Home Food Perservation

Food in Jars Canning Blog
(LOVE this blog)


Home made products are way tastier than those you can find in Walmart or big chains stores. I would be impressed if a person gave me home made jam. This looks very tasty and easy to follow. I've never tried something similar but I think it' worth, even if the summer is almost gone
I made a mistake on jar size. You should be refrigerating your fruit mix in a quart size jar, not a pint or you can use a large bowl with plastic wrap. Sorry for the mistake
I might actually try canning some things now. This is very informational and the jam sounds like a tasty combination!
Thanks! The flavors of the apricots & rasberries really complement each other
I will have to try this combination, it sounds very good. thanks for sharing all your hard work! <br>Sunshiine
Yum!! I have 3 children that love any freshly homemade preserves. I'll try your recipe, and will write back to you on what they thought of it! Sounds like a tasty combination! <br>

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