In this instructable I am going to teach you how to make a melting popsicle paperweight.

This is a great prank to pull on people because even on april 1st they won't see this one coming.
The setup is quite easy. While your colleague is away just put this melting popsicle paperweight on his papers and wait for him to get back. As soon as he sees the melting popsicle he will be running back to his desk . Various effects may happen then. Freaking out and getting the popsicle off and then noticing it's fake or complaining for a good 10 minutes about not leaving coffee and snacks on other people's desks. (that last one was pretty fun, we really had to convince him it was fake so he would shut up :p)

And after you pulled the prank it makes a pretty neat gadget for personal use. I use it all the time as a paperweight in my room. And this way you can fool visitors as they come into your room and notice there is a popsicle melting on your papers!

Disclaimer: This is a pretty innocent joke but always be carefull with whom you pull this prank. Don't forget that people who are under a lot of stress can make the final snap into total rage after a prank like this. I'm not responsible for anything that happends with you, other people or the popsicle.

Note: this 'ible is explained at child level without including the "get your parents to help" stuff. I teach children ages 6-12 so it's not easy to explain something without doing it at their level :)

About spelling mistakes and wrong sentences: I'm truly sorry for this but alot of words that I use in this 'ible are not in my daily vocabulary. Also English isn't my first language so keep that in considiration. If you spot any mistakes please comment and I will change them  :)

Step 1: What You Will Need

- Some scrapwood (this piece has the thickness you want your popsicle to have) (picture 1)
- Some thinner scrapwood (this has the thickness you want your melted popsiclepool to have) (picture 2)
- woodglue
- paint
- a popsicle stick

- a woodsaw
- a  small figure saw (picture 3)
- A sander (you can do it with sandpaper but it'll take alot more time, your choice)

this is cool i just am getting time off school so i will have the time to make this <br>its good that i found this because it is close to april fools <br>
May I suggest using a glossy paint and several coats of it? On the closer pictures you could see the wood pattern through the paint. Just a suggestion! :)
I found out how to make an ice cream cone one!! man, my teacher freaked out!! but she's really nice so nothing bad happened
Cool stuff man!<br />
Lol. Put it on somebody's thesis.<br />
Exactly my plan ^^<br /> <br /> My sisters boyfriend is currently making his final one so I think I'm going to do it to him :D
Cool idea, i just feel kinda bad for this guy, I mean, he's already dating your sister, why make life even harder for him? ;o)
<a href="http://familyfun.go.com/april-fools-day/april-fools-day-craft-pranks/popsicle-paperweight-845543/" rel="nofollow">http://familyfun.go.com/april-fools-day/april-fools-day-craft-pranks/popsicle-paperweight-845543/</a>
Appears somebody got the same idea as me!<br /> <br /> Although I think cardboard isn't a very effective way to make this. It doesn't last that long and breaks easy when you add alot of weight inside<br /> <br /> I don't know what you think but I think mine is better. Thank you for bringing this to my attention :)<br />
You know FOUR languages? My country is bilingual (Canada) and I only know one!!<br />
MY country has the official languages: dutch, french and german. And on top of that we also need to learn English in school.<br /> <br /> German isnot required in school however and is a matter of choice. I can't write it very well but I can explain myself in it.<br />
Switzerland? I want to visit there sometime. :)<br />
Nope Belgium I'm afraid...<br />
Eh, I&nbsp;guessed. Still sounds cool to have multiple official languages.<br />
Add a bite to the popsicle, and dont make it as big since it melted? I think it would look better. Also yea, plasti-dip sounds good. The melt is kinda thick?<br /> <br /> Sorry I'm being nitpicky.<br />
I thought about that and I made some sketches at first.<br /> <br /> And in sketch form they look good but then I tried to make one and I must say that it looks amazingly fake even at a distance. So I decided to take this aproach instead and I must say that I'm&nbsp;very satisfied.<br /> <br /> Everyone I tried it on immediatly comes running to his desk although it still isn't ice cream season :D<br /> <br /> Imagine how many people I'm gonna fool then :D
Haha Good luck. Hopefully I'll get to try this.<br />
you could do something like this with poured glue and paint it as such:<br /> <br /> <a href="http://shop.sherwoodsforest.com/images/products/spilled%20drinks/spilledicecreamcup253.jpg" rel="nofollow">shop.sherwoodsforest.com/images/products/spilled%20drinks/spilledicecreamcup253.jpg</a><br /> <br /> that seems like it'll be a much more affective approach to this prank.
Yes that's another aproach to this prank.<br /> <br /> But I chose popsicles because we eat them more often then icecream. But sure you can use this to.<br /> <br /> It seems alot of people want to see a spilled icecream or coffee prank. I shall start working on something :)<br />
This would be a great candidate for coating in liquid latex or plasti-dip.<br /> Nice job!<br />
Thank you :)<br /> <br /> I was actually thinking of a coffee cup variaty with the coffee made from plastic.<br /> <br /> Unfortunatly I don't have the means or the knowledge to pull that off...<br />
What about painted hot glue that has been spread thin underneath and around the cup...<br />
*Led light flashes up*<br /> <br /> I like your idea!<br /> Perhaps I'll use it.<br /> <br /> Proper credit for the hot glue idea will go to you ofcourse :)<br /> <br /> Thank you :)<br />
Plastic dip was my first thought also.<br /> Would look as real as real can be when it's fake.<br />
There's a furniture shop in town which has been using the same dammed-ice cream (on sofas) for years, they could do with something different like this.<br /> <br /> L<br />
Hahahaha I did this for each of my 3 apartment mates! They all freaked out, one at the time!<br /> Thing is I come home from work first, and the others come later, one hour apart from each other. <br /> Really great trick.<br />
It's great to see how many people fall for this grerat trick :D<br /> <br /> My sisters boyfriend is currently making his final paper for school. And I think I'm going to pull it on him in the near future :D<br />

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