Welcome. This project was made completely and totally by Simonfrfr except for the electronic components. You will need an Arduino UNO ($30) breadboard($3-$50)jumper wires($3-$12)Five Pin LED Dice Matrix from Newton Labs at newtonlabs.weebly.com ($8) a resistor any kind (about $1) and a button(67¢). This basic Arduino dice will use very simple random commands and will pick a number one through six. This is open source and I will allow you to use parts of my code for other things, but please do not just republish this as your own!

Step 1: Setting Up the Breadboard

The breadboard will consist of this circuit. The prototype's schematic is on the Newton Labs Website. The reason why we need a resistor is so that if any electrons get stuck after the switch is read then they will go through the resistor instead of waiting for the micro controller to take in more power.

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