This project was part of Multimodal Media Madness 2014, hosted by the chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) and the Media Computing Group of RWTH Aachen University. For more Smart Skins, please check this page: http://hci.rwth-aachen.de/m3_ss14

During this project, the students were asked to develop smart, intelligent facade elements under the general topic "Home Automation" which should then be used as addable elements for small houses (study rooms) which are constructed after the open source concept of the WikiHouse (see WikiHouse for more information).

Our group got the idea to create the "SmartMesh" which is basically an arduino controlled facade element that contains two balloons which can be filled with air and evacuated using small handy pumps in coordination to the inputs of two temperature sensors (one outside and one inside the house), as well as a light sensor.

The SmartMesh reacts to the outside and inside environment and ensures a pleasant indoor climate - thermal comfort. It controls the light and heat transfer between the inside and outside and also provides the inside with fresh air. The smart facade senses bad weather and closes in order to prevent for example inside water damages. The grouping of more smart elements provides an aesthetic architectural value trough the fragmented surface.

Note: We are going to update the Instructable from time to time in the following days.

by Hasan Ayhan, Tobias Welschenbach, Snezhina Shukina

Step 1: Component List & Project Cost

The main components (electronical parts only, for the constructing materials refer to step 3 of this Instructable) are as follows:

  • A StarterKit+ for Arduino containing an Arduino Uno microcontroller and several parts to begin with. Watterott 35,50 EUR (Any Arduino Uno will do, however you might have to buy some parts which were already contained in this set, seperately)
  • 4x magnetic valvesPollin 2,50 EUR each
  • 2x 12V ROB-10398Vacuum PumpSparkfun (around 15 EUR each from German Sparkfun retailers)
  • SeeedStudio Bluetooth ShieldWatterott 21,80 EUR (other BT Shields or BT modules might also work but there has to be some changes done in the code)
  • 6x MOSFET IRLZ24N (We had to use one from the StarterKit because one of the others turned out to be defective but the ones from the StarterKit should also suffice for our project.)
  • 6x Diode 1N4007 (5 pcs are included in each kit, we had two of them)
  • 6x 10K Ohm resistor 1/4W , 10 pcs included in the kit so enough of them :)
  • 2x LM35CZ temperature sensor Watterott 3,00 EUR each
  • 1x TSL2561 light sensor Watterott 7,74 EUR
  • 1x TDK Lambda LS100-12 power supply Conrad 25,11 EUR
  • 6x 220 Ohm resistor (included in the kit)
  • 1x DC Connector Conrad 1,79 EUR
  • 2x Digital Taster (any taster should do, as long as not too much force is needed to activate it, because the balloon has to activate it)

Additionally, the project used the following smaller components and accessories:

  • A copper plate for making the printed circuit board
  • wires

The following tools were used:

  • Solder
  • Drill
<p>can i connect my arduino to android via my own app ( project)__ flood alert</p><p>1. app must be downloaded from play store</p><p>2. send and receive data must use internet</p><p>3. target 200 persons</p><p>4. app for read water level in app connected to internet.</p><p>5. app can trigger alarm if safety water level is exceeded.</p><p> looks more like this....</p><p>pls help me... tq</p>
<p>Now added a video of it in action in Step 9 (just in German right now, maybe later I will add subtitles in English for it)</p>
<p>A novel project... This has implications for the future... Double plus good..</p>
<p>Thanks. Yes a video is coming soon. Check this Instructable in the next few days.</p>
<p>That's awesome. This is a very well-written Instructable, and I'd love to see this wall "breathe." Got any film of it in action? </p>

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