I just brought a new lamp and after a week, I'm tired of looking at it randomly change colours between red, blue, green. What can you expect from a cheap lamp brought at 5$ . Looking at the lamp I realized that I could make a gmail lamp, that shines green every time I got a unread mail.
But after some time I changed my idea, and started working on a simple hack. The hack is relatively simple, we can use an Bluetoothdevice to communicate with my lamp and make it glow which colour I like. And further to the upgrade the lamp just doesn't glow red, blue, green but also an addition of a few other colours. The additional colours is a mixture of the three primary colours. And at the end of the day I was happy with my lamp and it looked quite cool controlled with my android mobile phone

Step 1: Parts

Lets start with getting all the required parts

1)RBG Leds
3)Bluetooth module
4)RBG lamp

-soldering iron
it's great
Great nick-nack hack! Just a thought, perhaps an ATTiny running on Int Osc. might be better suited for this. Would be cheaper, smaller, use less power and you could probably tuck it all in the base of the lamp!
I really want the version that tells when you have email. Is there an instructable for that?
I don't think there is an instructable for that, im working on that and I will post an instrutable very soon.
I actually just found this one:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Mail-Light-Blink-LEDs-via-USB-to-show-you-have-ma/<br><br>However, that's more money than I want to spend on parts. :(<br>Maybe you can find a cheaper way.

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