Arduioscillo- The Arduino VoltMeter/Frequency Generator

What Did I Make?   The purpose of this project is to create an affordable and practical voltmeter/frequency generator out of materials lying around on your workbench. This link will take you to my youtube video explaining the device .The picture above is the final project and I am entering this instructable in the Make-To-Learn Contest so a vote would be appreciated along with what you think about this project.      How Did I Make It?   I originally got the idea from other instructables that show you how to turn an Arduino into an oscilliscope but they were to complicated and either needed expensive LCDs or a seperate computer. So I got the idea to build a small, cheap, and portable voltmeter that is based of of common items that would be sitting on someones lab bench. Those items would be an Arduino, small LCD, a couple of LED's, some capacitors, a potentiometer, and a small female sudio socket (the ones which would be in a phone or computer). As I was working I had the great idea to add a frequency generator usinging the PWM pins on the Arduino.      Where Did I Make It?   I made this project on my lab bench which is really just a regular plastic table with various componets and tools on it. This project will help me generate frequencies that I can't normally generate and measure voltage all within the same package.      What Did I Learn?   I learned how to program and solder more effectively and my greatess success was just getting my project to work. If I had to do this project again I would build it on a special made PCB so there are not ugly wires hanging everyehere and so it can be soldered easier.

Step 1: Bill Of Materials

Picture of Bill Of Materials
Here are the materials needed for this project in the picture above:

Step 2: Schematic

Picture of Schematic
Below is a schematic of the entire project and anything in dashed lines is optional because it is an astetic piece or is not required for general operation.
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