Artist Tribute Santa Hat


Introduction: Artist Tribute Santa Hat

I created this Santa hat as a tribute to musician and

You can create your own hat in a few easy steps.


  • One Santa hat
  • One set of thick, solid, self-stick letters

Assembly time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Supplies

I bought a few Santa hats from the Dollar Store to experiment. I searched for hats with the least-fluffy fur.

I bought a few sets of letters from the local craft store. Solid letters, about 1mm thick (1/16"), worked best for me.

I liked these:

The self-stick adhesive on the letters has held up for light use; I anticipate that hot glue might be required if the letters start falling off.

Step 2: Assembly

Align the fur the way you want it.

Start attaching letters in the center first, then work outward.

Step 3: Finish

Add bling (such as decorative eyeglasses).

Your hat is now ready for the Santacon or the Playa.



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