Whether you're going to a party, making a zombie movie, having a photoshoot, holding a Zombie March, or you just want to mess with the general public, zombie makeup is always a fun way to spend an afternoon.

--Red, yellow, blue, and black stage makeup
--White cream stage makeup
--Green cream stage makeup
--Assorted sponges and tissues
--Something to use for blood (I use red gel food coloring - the kind that comes in a tube. It doesn't taste bad and it won't stain my skin)
--Red lipliner or a red watercolor pencil
--baby powder and a face puff


Washing your face will help the makeup stick better.


Line your top and bottom eyelids with red, especially the inner corner. I used a watercolor pencil (found at craft stores), but red lipliner works nice, too.


Mix together foundation a few shades lighter than your skin, a little white cream makeup, and a little green stage makeup. You should end up with a nice zombie-ish color.


STEP FOUR! Smear it on your face (and your neck, but I was too lazy), your lips, and into your hairline. Don't worry about getting it even, you're trying to look splotchy. Then pat it lightly with a little bit of baby powder to set the makeup. I used an old face puff to apply the powder.


To make bruises under your eyes, dab yellow lightly in a spot a little bit bigger than you want the bruises. Next, mix red and blue with a little bit of yellow and dab it on in layers.


Pucker your lips and sponge on the bruise color. When you un-pucker your lips, they'll look like they have cracks in them.


Use a loose sponge to dab on the bruise color to give yourself a splotchy look. Pat it gently with a tissue so it doesn't look so harsh.


Add more bruises and set everything with another light coating of baby powder.

Smear on as much blood as you want, and hit the town!
This worked really well for my halloween costume! Thank you so much for this awesome instructable
i really liked this tutorial. im going to be starting a youtube channel involving zombies so this will help alot with the realistic look. 9/10
Well done! More please.
Apparently you use a brand of lipliner that is safe to use around the eyes. My wife read somewhere that if it's red and designed to be used around the lips, it shouldn't be used around the eyes, and if it's blue and designed to be used around the eyes, it shouldn't be used around the lips. Something to do with the compounds used to make the pigments that cause irritation to the respective areas.<br><br>Great 'ible, though!
I like the idea of screwing with the general public... I think I'm gonna get some friends together some time soon and wander around our town all done up like zombies. hahahaha... i love screwing with people.
we do that in our city, its coming up next month, thousands of people pretending to be zombies in the city centre!! I still think silicon wounds look better than this makeup but you do look like zombies
yeh. i think silicon wounds look better aswell. but this is very well done.
One should grab an axe and parade the streets on Halloween, and this instructable is marvelous! I wonder what your bro/sis/friend thought when he/she saw you!
this could be finished even better with really pale milky contact lenses like in shaun of the dead
You can haz brainzburger? j/k Nice job! | )
is that from borat?i can has cheezburger?
New to the internets?<br/>Kidding!<br/>It's based on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://icanhascheezburger.com/2007/01/11/i-can-has-cheezburger/">I can has cheezburger</a>.<br/>
ah. no, never herda cheezberger.
Yay! Brainzburgerz! XD Thanks.
love teh emo swoosh <sup></sup><br/>
OMG! i thought u were just a plain old emo dude in the first pic.
i thought he/she was to.lol!
Haha, I'm a lady. But I do definitely go for adrogony, so thanks.
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You have cool eyes.
no offense, but that isnt the greatest
much scarier this way i'd say....
Is there a way i could make my skin look not as green as yours but still realistic. -Mac
use less green with the foundation?
make it more yellowish or just pale and whitish.
Looks pretty good. You should consider maybe darkening around your eyes and maybe shading out your cheek bones a little bit.
somehow this zombie costume reminds me of the motivational poster. just an observation.
i couldn't say that someone may freak me or even like me for it :)
I'm going to be a zombie this halloween so thanks for the instructable! :-D
A little to green for me, i found it better to mix light blue and white, then follow your stepps with the colors
this is awesome but the only thing i would think would be great is having some funky contacts like blood red or white or just a really pale blue ;)
Great! So realistic it looked very fake when I first saw it :P FAVED 5*
Nice make up, Abandon. You'll make an excellent LARPer if you're not already one.
nice my friend is making a zombie movie ill pass this along to him
Brilliant work. I'm a great fan of all of Romeros work, and have a sweet spot for all things zombie, if I were ever to get round to making my zombie movie, I'll try to use your tips. Your first pic made me think I was looking at a screen grab from one of the Resident Evil games! It looks amazingly realistic. . @Bray - MarisTheGreats work is a little too far for me, probably for most! Pretty sick. But very effective nonetheless. Health & Safety sounds a little low though.
Great job!
Nice instructable! You should check out<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.maristhegreat.com">Maristhegreat.com</a>, this guy is a &quot;gay zombie&quot; who's undead in Denver, Colorado. He enjoys &quot;killing&quot; bands who are more popular than his band (to weed out the competition). He's crazy good at his photoshoot makeup. He literally covered me with paraffin wax, hamburger meat, assorted jams and his homemade fake blood for about 45 minutes. You can see my photos on the All Shall Perish interview, I'm the dreadlocked fellow at the bottom looking like I'm making brain stew.<br/><br/>Thanks for making this! :)<br/>
That is insane! Definitely the coolest zombie makeup I've ever seen. I spent a few minutes looking through the pictures going "woahhhhh"
Glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast having it done to me. One great, yet gross tip I can offer for doing blood spray and splatter. He would put the fake blood in his mouth and spit it all over you in high velocity bursts. Now, before doing so, make sure your fake blood doesn't have anything unsafe to ingest. He told me he makes his own at his "lair". It was minty, and thats about all I know.
That's a cool idea, too. Mine's usually smeared on because I couldn't think of any better way to do it. I'll have to try that sometime. I just use red gel food coloring for blood, but now I'm tempted to whip up something minty...
Now walk along the downtown sidewalks, following random people and grunting.
That's always a fun way to spend the day. I usually go out late at night, because I don't like scaring kids and whatnot. XD
Great instructable! I'm always looking for ways to improve my zombie make-up for the walks I do.
Thanks! I've never done a zombie walk, but I have friends out sometimes for huge zombie photo shoots.
Wow... nice job. Looks really real.
You should try it and post your pictures! I always love to see how other people look when they're all zombie'd up!

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