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Red cedar ashtray, hand crafted, approximately a day of work...
critics welcomed!


beliakrousex (author)2016-02-11

All of my best wood tools I made with woodprix. Google and try it.

hektus (author)2014-02-08

I've been working with mesquite.... from what I understand not to many people like working with that wood. I think it would be perfect for this instructable........I think I'll try it, thanks.

hektus (author)2014-02-08

I'm new at finishing wood and im still learning the difference between polyurethane, shellac, varnish.....and so on. which product did you use?

mikelanos (author)hektus2014-02-08

i'm not that professional in that too :) but i used a polyurethane varnish, Yacht varnish, its good protection for hard wood like cedar and 2 coats for filling the gaps in the wood...

read this if you want to learn more deeply about varnish:

hektus (author)2014-02-08

very nice, how did you varnish it?

mikelanos (author)hektus2014-02-08

with a brush, 2 coats of varnish

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