Picture of Ashtray
Red cedar ashtray, hand crafted, approximately a day of work...
critics welcomed!
hektus1 year ago
I've been working with mesquite.... from what I understand not to many people like working with that wood. I think it would be perfect for this instructable........I think I'll try it, thanks.
hektus1 year ago
I'm new at finishing wood and im still learning the difference between polyurethane, shellac, varnish.....and so on. which product did you use?
mikelanos (author)  hektus1 year ago

i'm not that professional in that too :) but i used a polyurethane varnish, Yacht varnish, its good protection for hard wood like cedar and 2 coats for filling the gaps in the wood...

read this if you want to learn more deeply about varnish:

hektus1 year ago
very nice, how did you varnish it?
mikelanos (author)  hektus1 year ago

with a brush, 2 coats of varnish