Introduction: Assassins Creed Hidden Blade

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

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2" three ring binder
Leather awl + heavy duty string
Two rivets
Coder pin
6" drawer slide (if you can't find them in stores
I got mine from a cabinet maker, he ordered mine for me)
Leather punch
Leather + fake/real fur
Two nuts from an erector set or from the hardware store

Step 2: The Support

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Bend the binder rings open so they fit around your arm loose so that when we sew the tearjerker in it will be snug then take the drawer slide and mark where you will put rivets in to hold it on then cut off the front and back portion of the binder so it wonk hurt your arm

Step 3: Connecting the Drawer Slide

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Bend the holders on the drawer slides so they fit close to the binder then rivet through the holes. I have found that if you put a small nut on the end of the rivet it holds it on better

Step 4: The Leather

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If you don't have a sheet of leather big e ought to fit around your binder clip then you can do what I did and sew the leather together to form a large sheet.then wrap the leather around the binder and mark where you want the leather and cut it. Then use leather rivets to make the leather tight. Then you can put fake or real fur on the inside to make the fit tighter and it looks cool

Step 5: The Lock Mechanism

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Bend the cotter pin so it looks like this. You could put a spring instead of a rubber band but whatever works.


luis5563 (author)2015-07-21

can you explain more about the lock

JoelAssassin1 (author)2014-09-21

hi do you sell these

Garra23 (author)2014-08-06

is it retractable?

spaktashabit (author)Garra232014-08-06

well it dosnt have any springs but it is retractable.

Wow, cool!

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