In this Instructable I will be teaching you how to build a working replica of the Hidden Blade from the Assassin's Creed video game series. Don't be intimidated by the number of steps involved, this is a fun project that should only take you a few days in your workshop and should only cost you around 30 or 40 dollars. 

My Design Goals for this Project:
  • I wanted the Hidden Blade to be functional, (to either extend or retract by moving my hand or wrist).
  • I wanted it to look as nice as possible and as real as possible.
  • I wanted it to be easy to build.
  • I didn't want it to require a lot of special parts or tools.

The process of making the Hidden Blade can be broken down into two main parts:
  • Building the blade mechanism (Steps 2-6)
  • Making the Leather Bracer (Steps 7-13)


Hidden Blade Mechanism Materials List:
  • 16” Drawer Slide – This will be what holds the blade and allows it to extend and retract.  You can purchase this from home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot for about $6. It is important that you get exact same one that I used otherwise the measurements won't work out properly. examine the included picture for product details.
  • Replica Blade – I used a replica WWII dagger for this. the measurements of the blade are 10.5"long, 3/4" in width at the widest point, and 1/8" in thickness. These measurements, especially the 1/8" thickness, are important because there is not a lot of clearance between the moving parts of the hidden blade so be prepared to do some file work to make things fit. To get the blade, dismantle the dagger and discard the handle, pommel, and cross guard components. The blade I used came very dull with smooth rounded edges, if yours is sharp or pointy I highly advise that you sand away the edges so that they are nice and dull, this will make it safer to use and may keep you out of trouble. Cost $12, purchased at local flea market.
  • Small Coil Spring – This spring will be what retracts the blade when it is extended.  It needs to have very light pull strength and should be 3 to 4 inches in length and approximately 1/4" in diameter.  I purchased mine from Lowes home improvement store as part of a variety pack of springs for around 3 dollars.
  • Flat Spring – This will hold the blade in place when it is extended.  you can make this component out of an hacksaw blade, simply cut off a three inch piece of the blade and grind away the teeth.
  • Assorted small nuts, bolts, and washers – The size of the nuts, bolts, and washers doesn't really matter, anything around 1/8” will do fine.  You’ll just have to drill your holes based on the size of bolts you are using.
  • Small Nails – These will be cut and turned into rivets to attch the blade lock in step 5.
  • Rubber Washer – when the blade retracts it retracts with a lot of force, this will be used to dampen that force i.e. shock absorber. you can purchase rubber washers in various shapes and sizes at hardware stores, you do not need to have the exact one pictured, just something similar.

Leather Bracer Materials List:
  • 2 square feet of 5 or 6 oz. leather – This can be purchased at leather suppliers such as Tandy Leather, however you can also use leather from an old suitcase or coat to cut down on cost.
  • Leather Dye – For coloring and finishing your leather, if you use repurposed leather from an old suitcase or coat you won’t need this.
  • Button Snaps – These can be purchased from retailers such as Tandy Leather or Michaels Crafts.
  • Rapid Rivets – These are used to attach the blade mechanism to the bracer. They can be purchased from Tandy Leather or Michaels Crafts.
  • Ring – Pick something that fits either your middle or ring finger.
  • String/Cord – Pick something strong but light, kite string or the inner strands of paracord work very well.  You’ll need about 1 foot of this.

  • Dremel Tool and Metal Cutting Disks – You will use these for cutting and modifying the draw slide parts. If you don't have access to a Dremel, you can also use a metal hacksaw for the cuts.
  • Files and Sand paper – For removing sharp edges left by Dremel cutting disks.
  • Drill and Drill Bits – You can use a hand held drill or a drill press, both work well.
  • Wire Cutters – For cutting your spring to adjust its strength.
  • Screw Drivers – Installing screws.
  • Metal Center Punch - For marking where you are going to drill holes on the drawer slide and blade.
  • Hammer – for peening down rivets.
  • Xacto Knife/Utility Knife – For cutting your Leather.
  • Paper or Poster Board – For creating patterns for your bracer.
  • Leather Working Tool (Beveler) - This tool is used to create the Assassin's Creed symbol and designs on the leather bracer. The one I used is known as a B60 Craftool Beveler Stamp and is available from Tandy Leather for around 8 dollars. 
  • Awl/Drill/Leather Hole Punch – Some way of putting holes in leather.
  • Ruler – Creating patterns.
  • Pencil – Marking patterns on leather.
  • Permanent Marker - For making patterns and cut lines.
  • Safety Glasses - Always wear eye protection when drilling and cutting the metal parts of this project.

Disclaimer:  Please use common sense when making and wearing this prop.  If you have any concerns about the blade material feel free to replace the steel blade with a wooden or acrylic analog.  If you're planning to tackle this project then you most likely already have all the skills necessary to make whatever changes you deem necessary to make this prop suitable for your specific situation and needs. Be safe and be smart!
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CatherineG59 hours ago

I wanted to make this, but I pretty much know nothing when it comes to screw sizes.
When you say 1/8" screws are what you used, can you give the exact sizes? Because I've been trying to find that size and it just doesn't make sense to me.

blackbelt2567 months ago
I'm just wondering, do you sell these? If so how much? If not can you send me the pdf for this?

im selling them for fourty bucks if you want one

Could you possibly ship to the uk ?
How can I purchase this from you?
I like to buy it if it will extand and by pushing it back it comes out and it has to be in a good condition. And do u ship it to INDIA or not if so contact me

Hey didn't you hear the man? It's licensed. You're not supposed to sell them and that's damn expensive.

MisterP25 days ago

Can I buy one and if so how would I?

Amazing project. I know a lot of guys who will kill to have this on their wall.

Marcelp216 days ago
You could buy?
KMW911 month ago
And also were would i contact you if i wanted to buy one from you ?
This is cheaper than a plastic blade that doesn't function like this, these instructions are so YOU can make it, not buy it.
This is very awesome! I thought it was a licensed ubisoft collectable at first!
Hi there! I wamted to thank you for your instructions on the gauntlet portion. Just seeing basic techniques was really helpfull and additionally inspiring. For the two I am making it is costing me 40$ for both, not including the 20 I spent on my grind wheel. I noticed you said much earlier people sold them for 15 dollars and was hoping you knew how they brought that price down so low. Any imformation is greatly appreciated thanks!
Maka_veli1 month ago
Can we use the other slide as our blade ?
KMW911 month ago
And also were would i contact you if i wanted to buy one from you ?
KMW911 month ago
are you still makeing Ac hiden blades
Cquezada191 month ago
What is the max $$
logan steen2 months ago
Were would i contact you to buy one

Hello, so I saw that you said you're selling these? I was wondering where I might be able to buy one? Ebay? Etsy?

nichg9 months ago

can you be more clear on attaching the blade to the slider and can i make the sliding rail shorter i'm younger and dont have as long arms

i have actually made an 9in. style where everything is smaller and slightly different but still operational

If you make your own and put it on eBay I'll buy
MatamoriJon4 months ago

Also is there a way to keep the blade locked to the back untill your readiy to use it? Because i had a thought: What keeps the blade in when say your just running? it might automatically just go out. So I have 2 ideas id like too share:

plan 1 "The Flat Spring is bended slightly more upwards blocking the blade unless you use your arms force to swing it out. (You could also pull the string then swing it which would work too)

plan 2 " There is a lock mechanism in the back which keeps the blade locked in. ( it would probably be attached to the flat spring so when you pull the first string it unlocks the lock which lets you swing the blade out OR a manual lock and unlock system)

Honestly i prefer plan 1, its much simpler... but the other plan might work as well. I will just try both ( i bought 2 slides :p)

MatamoriJon4 months ago

This is the spring im planning to use.

But i have one concern during some tests i noticed that the springs stretch all the way but they dont have the power to pull it back.

I need to look for a spring around 2 inches long that can stretch around 7 inches that has light tension but can pull back a blade around 5 grams and the inside slide thats about 10 grams. ( that may seem like a little grams but also take into account friction that will make it harder to pull... not to mention also gravity)

MatamoriJon4 months ago

Hello Matt amazing work i really like it! But i have a couple of questions.

I'm making a HB out of a different drawer slide, and I'm making it 9 inches.

If I'm correct through the image the outside slide is around arms length, ball bearing slide around half of that, inner slide around half of that and blade arms length. BTW I can't really copy your instruct able because of different drawer slide but I'll just improvise. (P.S. That was just a rough measurement of it i will be more accurate when i make it though)

Also can't find spring so im just using some sort of rubber band.

I also am making my own bracket because mine doesnt come with one.

btw the blade is made from a plastic ruler just to be safe.

I will send photos.

The EXACT blade used in this tutorial is a german WWII army officer's dagger:


however... I have yet to find an exact match WITH the engravings for sale or otherwise.

DanikJ5 months ago

I am going to try making one of these, but I'm going to make it shorter (probably 9 inches). The 11.5 is just too long and [as seen in the video] it sticks out from the arm.

Brandonhart9810 months ago

What kind of dagger did you use

I believe he used a letter opener.

Matt2 Silver (author)  Brandonhart9810 months ago

I used a replica WW2 dagger that I purchased from wild bills wholesale. if you type WW2 replica dagger into google it will be one of the first options.

Amazing tutorial, BUT i will be forgiving a piece of steel and MAKING my own blade with a piece of tempered steel, would you mind giving me the measurements of the blade itself so haps that i can get the measurements correct?

miguel.yulo.75 months ago

when hammering down the tabs in the outer slide, did you only do the one at the end that was to be cut? Otherwise, how does the blade assembly keep from shooting completely out of the whole device. I think this should be mentioned in the instructions.

ARCER5 months ago
Don't sorry
ARCER5 months ago
Don't sorry
ARCER5 months ago
I reckon its awesome but I think if he put just a tiny bit more effort he can make it spring-loaded the other way as well.so instead of going in it comes out because that's closer to the real thing....just do t come and assassinate me...please.
pje82685 months ago
Sorry, I didn't make this clear in my last comment. If it hit the watermelon, would the bracer slide sideways or would I break the slide? This is important because I'm wondering if this is a prop (as stated in the title) or if it could be used to cut things like a watermelon (stated in my last comment). If I could get a reply soon that would be great. Thanks!
pje82685 months ago
I'm wondering about the "combat readiness" of this blade before making it myself. Could it slice through, say, a watermelon? That would look really cool in a slo-mo video.
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