Picture of Assassin's Micro Crossbow

This article of desktop weaponry accommodates multiple rounds of ammunition, launches exploding tipped cross-bow bolts, and slings wooden matches over 30 feet away. In this project we're turning some ordinary household items, into a surprisingly versatile, micro-crossbow.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING: The depictions of launching sparklers in this video are for demonstrational purposes only and are not intended to be duplicated. While this little contraption is micro-scale, it can still be dangerous to some degree. Use care and caution when choosing your ammunition, be aware of your surroundings, and never shoot at people or property. There may be risks associated with these projects that require experience, and/or adult supervision. Use of video content is at your own risk.

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Heyy I have been watching your you tube videos and I was wondering what is the kno3 (stump remover and where can I get it)
you can get it at Canadian tire,Walmart and hardware stores
AffanyH1 month ago

How did you get the template

wmusser made it!1 year ago

Quite fun and addicting to make.

zureina wmusser11 months ago

Where did you get the template from?

ShervinR zureina2 months ago

print it from google

cutiepie6915 months ago

how do you get the template?

print it

I followed the instructions on how to get it..
help.. lol

miraizin_012 months ago
ARCER3 months ago
Sorry it wont let upload a pic.?
ARCER3 months ago
Sorry it wont let upload a pic.?
ARCER3 months ago
I made this one. I strayed from your design a bit ,but my one can have an air compressor attached to It.so mine can shoot pellets as well.? thanks fir the design of the cross bow
miso24 months ago
RavinoH6 months ago

how to get the template?

I Made it!

CorgiCritter6 months ago
Sweet, I like it. The Mockingjay at the end was pretty cool too.
aqiboy28 months ago

AWESOME.I dont made it but i will try.i want to play this with my nerf.

Aya.Hawkeye made it!9 months ago

Thanks so, so much for this! I'm a medieval reenactor so this is right own my street! Made a larger version for my partner's birthday present out of basswood and large hair clips and it worked out quite well; see what you think :) The bolts are made from kebab skewers :P I'm going to be making a wrist mounted one too, attached to a leather gauntlet (I do like making leather things) with a hand operated trigger system. Looking forward to trying it out! :D

Mini Crossbow.jpg
aerdna129 months ago

I cant get the template

gemtree9 months ago

If you are required to give an email to get the template, I do not consider that to be free.

MagicTK9 months ago

Very cool instructable. You could insert a needle into a match that has the head cut off (or just the back end) then it could stick into things.

Master Wasi 4710 months ago



AdnamaG11 months ago

Could you shoot flaming bolts too?

zureina11 months ago

I am still trying to get the template!

kevinb41 year ago

i want the cut templte

actionguy95 made it!1 year ago

My attempt. I feel I did pretty good.

IPhone 814.JPG
msilva421 year ago
easy fun :)
WTdolby1 year ago

Not to sound stupid, but how are you supposed to fire it? Just push up on the string?

yup you just push up on the string and it should catch and launch the bolt

BATMANluc1 year ago
I recently became a member on sonic-dad and made this. It is really cool and suggest making it.
ksalar1 year ago

awesome! I made my own defferent version that works just as well and Im thinking of uploading it!

This is awsome!
cole4 made it!1 year ago

works really well: my prototype was a failure, but i built it again and it works great! Yet to try it with pop-its :)

Photo on 7-19-14 at 12.25 PM.jpgPhoto on 7-19-14 at 12.24 PM.jpg
GuavChenko1 year ago
I used 3mm jolt head nails with their heads cut off for bolts. They are a bit heavy, but look awesome when you load them.
GuavChenko1 year ago
Nice going King. How much of a spark do those popper things make?
Manning881 year ago

will someone send me the template?

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