Its an easy way to make your own solar lantern. An effort has been made to distribute these solar lanterns in villages across India. Do comment or give suggestions.
https://thehobbyshop.in/projects/projects-undertaken/solar-powered-multi-charger/ <br>can we use the same circuit here .please guide me .iam 9th class student from tiruchi.
HI. <br>Cant someone Design the circuit for this Sloar Lantern, so that we dont need to understand the Girl.
ahh ok<br>hahaha<br>
good vidhi.. its very nice ... your own project ... but how much watt used the solar panel then charge this battery low time pried ...pls i having the lot off qty pls send the quotation my mai id .. we are selling the small wind turbine in india . mail id greenenergypl@gmail.com
english please, i cant understand the language!
Vidhi good instructable. I stay in Pune where to get stell coated aluminum. I would like to buy in large quantity. Thanks.
cant understand
<strong>help me i want download</strong> <strong>Assemble &amp; Make Your Own Portable Solar Lantern video what can i do?</strong>
plzzzzzzz help me i want download <span class="stepTitle"><strong><font size="3">Assemble &amp; Make Your Own Portable Solar Lantern video what can i do????</font></strong></span>
I can't see the video
you're going to want to get rid of that text box that says "Your text here" in the midst of the youtube video

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