Picture of Attack on Titan/ SnK 3d maneuver gear
Attack on Titan - 3D gear
Cosplay Prop WIP

This gear is a cosplay prop made for and with a good friend of mine. Shingeki no kyojin or Attack on Titan is/was a big hit and therefore she wants to do a cosplay. Here we go trying out best to build and craft the machine all the soldiers use to move around the scary and mostly ugly titans.Follower our pictures and steps to do your own

after 5 days-done with the stuff.I just need to do the swords.
And I am thinking about making me one too
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Step 1: References

Picture of References
I am thankful for these highly detailed references! they helped a lot in this cosplay prop WIP.

This way you can easily understand what is needed,how big and where is needs to be placed.

Step 2:

Picture of
You will need the following tools :

- styrofoam
- a cutter
- paste and tissue paper (paper maché)
- webbing (1.2m or depending on your sizes) to hold up the boxes
- hot glue+sticks
- UHU por/g styrofoam glue
- dark,light and silver acrylic paint
- card(-foam-)board
- screws ( at least 3)
- Spray paint grey and or metallic
- some black wire or rubber band used as the cables
(- duct tape)
astump11 month ago

Now, I see the items i need, what size Styrofoam would i need? and how many? In December of this year, I am planning on having the whole outfit completed, including the 3D gear

For the tools, i need to get a list, so that i can ask my dad to lend them to me, i don't have tools where I live, -_-' hope you don't mind making a list, if not, I'll just go over the steps until i find them all xD

Kion Designs (author)  astump127 days ago

Hey there,

I used the PCVfoam for the part you can see in the top photos/the platform in the middle. The boxes and details are made out of Styrofoam. Created the 1boxe+details from a 70x100cm piece foam.

Tools you need:
- a exacto knife/cutter
- styrofoam glue
- hotglue
- cutting mat
- tape
- screws to fix stuff onto your belt
- spray paint
- tissue or silk paper
- paste (mix it with a bit of wood glue to get a even stronger piece later on)

I guess that's it. Otherwise try improvising with different things to help you craft this gear. It's always good to think outside the box when it comes to cosplay and prop making^^

You can always contact me via Kion Cosplay on facebook for further questions:

astump11 month ago

I'll have to build my own, I can't afford to buy a premade one, plus, I can make a custom color design if I build my own :3

aaron57321 month ago

why am i even on this planet

Kion Designs (author)  aaron57321 month ago

why wouldn't you be :D

This is awesome
Firaxor3 months ago

This is an amazing guide on how to make the gear. i would like to make it myself and wish to know what the size of the styrofoam blocks was and the dimensions of the gear that you used in making it. i am not good at reading Japanese and cannot translate the dimensions given by the pics on step one. if you could write me what the sizes you measured were that would be helpful. Thank you

Kion Designs (author)  Firaxor3 months ago

The boxes where constructed and made out of 70x100x0,8cm styrofoam board.
the boxes are 70cm long. you can use the 100cm length to fold the box(2x small parts+2x big parts) __.____.__.____

if you know what I mean^^

Hi there! I thought this was a really cool tutorial. I'm planning on cosplaying Ymir from Attack on Titan and I've been trying to find a good site that has the full instructions on how to create the 3DMG
evanmkhyun5 months ago
Thank you very much! :D
evanmkhyun5 months ago
Did you use picture to trace down
Kion Designs (author)  evanmkhyun5 months ago

Indeed, we searched for a few referenc pics and screenshots as well as we tried to think this throu logically.

evanmkhyun5 months ago

how did you trace down wip swords to the styrofoam(?) ?

Kion Designs (author)  evanmkhyun5 months ago

you mean how we crafted it?or how do we know which wip to put where? english's not so good

nerd129 months ago
Sweet! We need to work on making this into reality.
Who the hell needs web shooters when you have this?!!

how can i put this the motors have to be as big as pressure washers to lift human weight that quickly even with high torque low-speed motors so although it's more realistic it will be difficult take from someone's been working on this sort of thing for at least a decade

Unfortunately for SnK and spiderman fans, both of them don't work in real life, or at least to the level at which they do in the media. Also, While the SnK manga is rather awesome, the physics of a person flying about using 3DMG is simply not possible, and most people would probably splatter themselves in short time. So when i spoke about making these into reality, I was joking.

What we do need are hoverboots :)

jonv86 months ago
Which con did I go to? Cos I almost broke on of these at hyperjapan! It was by accident.
masen947 months ago
best anime ever :D
Alyss_167 months ago
This is great !! Thank you for this!