Picture of Attack on Titan/ SnK 3d maneuver gear
Attack on Titan - 3D gear
Cosplay Prop WIP

This gear is a cosplay prop made for and with a good friend of mine. Shingeki no kyojin or Attack on Titan is/was a big hit and therefore she wants to do a cosplay. Here we go trying out best to build and craft the machine all the soldiers use to move around the scary and mostly ugly titans.Follower our pictures and steps to do your own

after 5 days-done with the stuff.I just need to do the swords.
And I am thinking about making me one too
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Step 1: References

Picture of References
I am thankful for these highly detailed references! they helped a lot in this cosplay prop WIP.

This way you can easily understand what is needed,how big and where is needs to be placed.

Step 2: Tools and material

Picture of Tools and material

You will need the following tools :

- styrofoam
- a cutter
- paste and tissue paper (paper maché)
- webbing (1.2m or depending on your sizes) to hold up the boxes
- hot glue+sticks
- UHU por/g styrofoam glue
- dark,light and silver acrylic paint
- card(-foam-)board
- screws ( at least 3)
- Spray paint grey and or metallic
- some black wire or rubber band used as the cables
(- duct tape)

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AmaterasuWH17 days ago

What did you use for the handle on the swords?

Kion Designs (author)  AmaterasuWH15 days ago

so the handles are made from several layers of plywood + old bicycle breaks. the red brown-ish gripy handle parts are some kitchen mats from ikea.

Hi, this is amazing!!! I am in need of help! I need to find a way to get my back peice to wrap around my waist securly. How did you do that?

Kion Designs (author)  natli.morales27 days ago

Hey Natli,
we used two pairs of bolt and nut to create a click in system at the back sides of your belt. You can see the idea in step 4 picture 1.
this means you need two additional wholes in your basic belt where the bolt can be fit through. the motor thng from the gear will simply be hung into. kind of a bayonette lock.
hope this is helping you out.

can you give detailed measurements on the steamer part in the rear

Kion Designs (author)  jared.zoellner.52 months ago

Hey Jared. So sry, but the gear is not with me anymore. So no detailed measurement :(
But if you want to be sure, use some paper or cardboard forcreating your personal measured template first.

would this be applicable and or look right with real O2 tanks attached in it's place? Or would weight be an issue for the rig. Thanks in advance!

Kion Designs (author)  alex.kulbitsky3 months ago

I don't think real O2 tanks would be a good idea. to heavy, to dangerous and probably to expensive.
The tanks from this instructable are plastic pipes to keep posters safe.

it would weigh down on the belt and break it or not sit right I think. It would for mine anyway. I have to make mine as light as possible because all the suit is held together by the belt :/

draco.velarde4 months ago

but may i ask does it work i am trying along with my friends to creat 3d gear that works

Kion Designs (author)  draco.velarde4 months ago

Hey there Draco.
No. this gear is not functional!
Didin't have the time and money to put that much energy and effort into it.
But maybe you'll succeed!

I have seen a man crafting a functional one long time ago on youtube.

JaredW14 months ago

What are the outside of the boxes made of?

lili.sotog.35 months ago

can someone please translate the images because I can't read that language...I don't know if its Japanese?Google translater can't read the writing. :(

Thanks if someone dos translate it ^^

Pil-Z made it!5 months ago

Thanks so much. This was probably my main reference tutorial with another one named johnny and junkers i think. Loved your tutorial. Again, without this tut probably couldn't have made it.

Kion Designs (author)  Pil-Z5 months ago

Dude!!!you rock! this looks awesome!!great job and I am glad I could help you with this!!
feel free to show me the full cosplay later on ;)

OmarK15 months ago

I was so confused on step 3 picture five. What are the dimensions? or are they the dimensions of my backside/butt.

Kion Designs (author)  OmarK15 months ago

Hey there,
I took reference picture #2 - the swords handle to be exact - and tried different scales on a DIN A4 print. this way I could figure out the (almost) right size for my swords.
Here are the handles .maybe this can help you :)

griff test.jpg
MaulahnaR5 months ago

How did you get the paper versions of the sword ( Like the Template ) I cant draw a big enough version, Can you tell me how or where too get them?

JasmineG6 months ago
What are the measurements of it all... I need help. I almost started making the engine but do not know the measurements
Pil-Z JasmineG6 months ago

Just kinda curious, for when do you want it? If you're planning to have this for Halloween, I would recommend something else. It took me around 2 months to fully get this finished. There is no perfect tutorial out there. By referring to this there is nothing you can follow fully. You have to get creative and be very very crafty and always improvise. Good luck on your project! :)

Kion Designs (author)  JasmineG6 months ago

Hey JasmineG,
the boxes are made out of a 70x100cm foam board sheets
the engines size is depending on your body size.somehow.. :) so whatever you feel good with as the basis of the engine.
swords about 80cm long from tip to tow

DayneP6 months ago

This... This is too cool. I almost literally cried because I knew I couldn't make it. Sucks for me.

Pil-Z DayneP6 months ago

Try it out man! I wasn't confident at all but once I started working with the materials it felt awesome. Anyways it doesnt have to be a perfect replica. Based on your pic I would recommend having a parent help you. Also this website is not too clear with the swords. It's a tad bit late to start if you want to make this for halloween but if you work every single day hard non stop then I'm sure that you could achieve it. All the difficult and confusing questions have been asked. If you want to know how to make the swords check this out.

DayneP Pil-Z6 months ago

Thanks! And BTW, that pic is one of my little sister's friends. She somehow learned how to change the pictures....

Kion Designs (author)  DayneP6 months ago

just give it a try! no one tells you how to build it exactely. so Just experiment :D

mzero6 months ago

hi, people !

could you anyone advise me where I can find plans? please.

Pil-Z mzero6 months ago

Please be a little more clear.

mzero Pil-Z6 months ago

I seeking plans for a back gear

Pil-Z mzero6 months ago

Okay, I think I get what you're saying. But either you don't wanna bother speaking correctly or have bad english which is ok. Anyways what you're gonna wanna do is find cardboard rolls (i'll get the measurements later) foam plates and cardboard for the basic fan like structure. You get the card board rolls and a paper plate and you trace the card board roll onto the foam plate. You cut it out using an xacto knife and glue it onto the top of the cardboard roll ( which should be hollow). You make two sides to this and you paint it black. Now you have the basic thickness which is shown in step 3 picture 4, step 4 picture 4 (the little black part). Now what youll then want to do is make a ring out of the same foam plates.( Ill get the area and measurements later, maybe even a picture) Youll either spay paint this lightly (if you add more than 3 passes of it the spray paint will eat the foam) paint it with silver acryilic paint or cover it with aluminun foil. Paste this at the top and then make a circle with the same diameter as the ring except with the inner part not cut off. As you see in step 4 picture 4 the front and back. Then for the final part of the fans youll get cardboard cut out the little ring with the line going through the middle out of cardboard with an x-acto knife spray paint it lightly and hot glue it to the top of the ring.

nerd121 year ago
Sweet! We need to work on making this into reality.
Who the hell needs web shooters when you have this?!!
Kion Designs (author)  nerd126 months ago

Would be ttly awesome to have something like the gears! But I agree with Pil-Z on the thought of comparing reality and animation. moving forward and swinging aroung might be physically possible, but sharp corners and fast change of directions seems a bit difficult.
Eding that there are not as many towns to shown in the show to use the gear correctly? and to many ppl using them would create chaos and a ball of woll in the air XD
so maybe this stays a gadget for special forces?

btw, I really enjoy you discussing such things here! <3

how can i put this the motors have to be as big as pressure washers to lift human weight that quickly even with high torque low-speed motors so although it's more realistic it will be difficult take from someone's been working on this sort of thing for at least a decade

Unfortunately for SnK and spiderman fans, both of them don't work in real life, or at least to the level at which they do in the media. Also, While the SnK manga is rather awesome, the physics of a person flying about using 3DMG is simply not possible, and most people would probably splatter themselves in short time. So when i spoke about making these into reality, I was joking.

What we do need are hoverboots :)

Pil-Z nerd126 months ago

Actually it's pretty physically ossible. If made into full detail and worked on hard enough it's very possible. We have the technology to build this. The only problem is that there's not demand high enough for this. The only thing that may be physically impossible is the turning when they're in fucking MID AIR. It bothers me so much. What I was thinking that could be possible is the omni directional gear at the back, to have little fans, (not as weak as the ones you use to cool yourself) to propel you to the side. The turns are to quick to be phyiscally possible with your body only. Also they have to have alot of buttons. The amount of air and the form they take is different everytime. For example when using the compressed air to cushon your fall looks way different than the on you use when using your hooks. There are lots of hings that could be improved so it wouldn't be exactly like the manga nor anime but it's possible.

Pil-Z7 months ago

I would like to know what I can make the little top of the back of the 3d maneuver gear with.The part where the air comes out. Thanks!

Kion Designs (author)  Pil-Z7 months ago

We used 2 circles of polystyrol and some foam to construct this 'duck face' thingy^^
adding details from leftover material and covering everthing in papermaché. Use a dremel or cutter to scult.
TIPP: mix some wood glue to the paste. this way the papermaché gets even more stable then normally.


can i get the instructions in english please I'm going to cosplay for hollows eve and this is the finishing touch. thanks can you email me at thanks

Hey yamiplierr, what excatly do you need? I am not sure if I understand, because the tutorials is in english

Pil-Z7 months ago

Is there anything else I can replace the PVC with?

Kion Designs (author)  Pil-Z7 months ago

Hey Pil-Z
sry for the long wait.
and to answer your question:yes. yes you can replace the PVC. You can use a thick and strong cardboard instead. using brushes/sponges and water you can water the cardboard and bend it with pretty nice curves.
as for the flat parts, thin wood is possible too.

hope this is helpfull enought. Otherwise feel free to ask again :3

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