Attack on Titan - 3D gear
Cosplay Prop WIP

This gear is a cosplay prop made for and with a good friend of mine. Shingeki no kyojin or Attack on Titan is/was a big hit and therefore she wants to do a cosplay. Here we go trying out best to build and craft the machine all the soldiers use to move around the scary and mostly ugly titans.Follower our pictures and steps to do your own

after 5 days-done with the stuff.I just need to do the swords.
And I am thinking about making me one too

Step 1: References

I am thankful for these highly detailed references! they helped a lot in this cosplay prop WIP.

This way you can easily understand what is needed,how big and where is needs to be placed.
<strong>I want to Make this but i cant because im looking for something that i wont hit someone wit</strong>h
<p>It looks wonderful! I can't wait to try it myself!</p>
<p>When it comes to painting foam/styrofoam, it is best never to use any petrol based paints at all. One missed spot and you will be starting over again.<br><br>I have found that the best types of paint to use are water soluable acrylics. Come in all sorts of colors and are easy to mix and clean up. <br><br>But if you want to get the surface nice and smooth for painting, try using a 3 parts white glue (Elmers prefered) to one part water, if that is too thin and isn't filling the gaps, just add more glue, I say this because some of the off brands are on the thin side, so if the glue realy runny right out of the bottle, don't thin it out with water use as is.</p>
<p>Hello, i love the way these look they are amazing!! I am hoping and most likely going to a anime con in March, Ive never cosplayed an anime character and i adore attack on titan so i thought why not Mikasa! However, its very expensive and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get the cosplay for a decent price? Please send suggestions!! Sincerely, A fellow cosplayer</p>
<p>a good place to get it would be a site called wish that is where i got my Levi cosplay and it looks amazing, i price up all my cosplays before i buy them and this site has helped me lower the price so much also good luck with you Mikasa cosplay </p>
<p>do you have dimensions in english please? :s</p>
Hey I was woderimg if you can send me a list of what you used? And your gear looks awesome and my friend told me about your page and I think this is great!
<p>i'd recommend using just cardboard for the blade holders, and overall Styrofoam, and/or white foam for the maneuver gear.</p>
<p>hey. thank you so much and a hug to you and your friend^^<br>all you need is listet in the first steps of this tutorial. if somethings missing it's up to your interpretation. try use leftovers for example. :)</p>
<p>how much did this build cost...just wondering. and how long did it take to build</p>
<p>You are most probably gonna make alot of mistakes and go through alot of prototypes before finally getting it. I'd say you might go through about 300 dollars if you're winging it, 100 dollars if you have someone giving you very good steps.</p>
<p>oh gosh..me and a friend did this in about 3 days i guess. costs ? sry cant say for sure anymore.espacially because its in euro</p>
<p>Thanks so much. This was probably my main reference tutorial with another one named johnny and junkers i think. Loved your tutorial. Again, without this tut probably couldn't have made it.</p>
<p>BAM!! looks super cool</p>
<p>Hey Pil-z I am thinking of making this I am a huge Attack on Titan fan do you think you could post or send me via direct message the mesurements you used for your pieces?</p>
Sure, sorry for the late reply, I hope I still replied on time for your cosplay, I will send you the measurements later, and I reccomend the main material you use is cardboar from home depot, and a white foam board.
<p>Dude!!!you rock! this looks awesome!!great job and I am glad I could help you with this!!<br>feel free to show me the full cosplay later on ;)</p>
<p>Hey, this is really awesome. Could I may ask how much <br>styrofoam, card board and wire you used?</p>
<p>hey. thx. 2x card board (70x100cm), styrofoam left overs. not much at all and about 4-5m wire? to be sure?..yeah i guess</p>
<p>This is simply amazing 3d maneuver gear!! But I was wondering about how heavy was the final prop? Did it weigh down any of the belts or straps of the harness while you were wearing it?</p>
<p>i was just wondering what thickness of styrofoam board you used for the boxes. was it 5mm? thanks for the tutorial, it looks really great!! :) </p>
<p>can you give detailed measurements on the steamer part in the rear</p>
<p>Hey Jared. So sry, but the gear is not with me anymore. So no detailed measurement :(<br>But if you want to be sure, use some paper or cardboard forcreating your personal measured template first.</p>
<p>thanks i eventually just ended up looking for average hight of 17 year old and derived the mesurements from refrence photos but thanks.</p>
<p>is there an english version?</p>
Hey! So as I am limited on suplies and budget, could I use carboard for the blades and handle? Thanks!
<p>You can't also make this out of home supplies, you need to go to michaels, home depot, or any department/construction store in your local area, good luck on your project!</p>
<p>You can't also make this out of home supplies, you need to go to michaels, home depot, or any department/construction store in your local area, good luck on your project!</p>
<p>Hello,<br>That is totaly up to you. But I think it shouldn't make a problem. Use some thicker cardboard combined with a some layers of woodglue. this will harden the material and it is more safe to carry it around and not get to much damage on it easiy.</p>
<p>You probably can't, you'll need to spray paint, and cardboard, and foam falls apart when spray painted. I was left with no choice other than to use wood. At the end it was inexpensive, and it was awesome. But mind you, this project is very expensive. I spent around 200-300. You probably shouldn't do this if you have a small budget.</p>
<p>What are the outside of the boxes made of?</p>
<p>Hi, this is amazing!!! I am in need of help! I need to find a way to get my back peice to wrap around my waist securly. How did you do that?</p>
<p>One strategy I used which is easier is just make a belt around it, cut holes for the belt to go in the back piece.</p>
<p>Hey Natli,<br>we used two pairs of bolt and nut to create a click in system at the back sides of your belt. You can see the idea in step 4 picture 1.<br>this means you need two additional wholes in your basic belt where the bolt can be fit through. the motor thng from the gear will simply be hung into. kind of a bayonette lock.<br>hope this is helping you out.</p>
<p>Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me what thickness plywood you used, and what the overall measurements were for the handle pieces and the blade. if you had a template you used to create them, that would be greatly appreciated!</p>
<p>hey there,<br>the plywood is 3layered and is about 4-5 mm thick.<br>I uploaded my template test pic to this step so you can download it und testprint and calibrate it to the size you need it :)<br>good luck!</p>
<p>What did you use for the handle on the swords?</p>
<p>Hey,<br>so the handles are made from several layers of plywood + old bicycle breaks. the red brown-ish gripy handle parts are some kitchen mats from ikea.</p>
<p>would this be applicable and or look right with real O2 tanks attached in it's place? Or would weight be an issue for the rig. Thanks in advance!</p>
<p>I don't think real O2 tanks would be a good idea. to heavy, to dangerous and probably to expensive.<br>The tanks from this instructable are plastic pipes to keep posters safe.</p>
<p>it would weigh down on the belt and break it or not sit right I think. It would for mine anyway. I have to make mine as light as possible because all the suit is held together by the belt :/</p>
<p>but may i ask does it work i am trying along with my friends to creat 3d gear that works</p>
<p>Hey there Draco.<br>No. this gear is not functional!<br>Didin't have the time and money to put that much energy and effort into it.<br>But maybe you'll succeed!<br><br>I have seen a man crafting a functional one long time ago on youtube.</p>
<p>can someone please translate the images because I can't read that language...I don't know if its Japanese?Google translater can't read the writing. :(</p><p>Thanks if someone dos translate it ^^</p>
<p>I was so confused on step 3 picture five. What are the dimensions? or are they the dimensions of my backside/butt.</p>
<p>Hey there,<br>I took reference picture #2 - the swords handle to be exact - and tried different scales on a DIN A4 print. this way I could figure out the (almost) right size for my swords.<br>Here are the handles .maybe this can help you :)</p>
<p>How did you get the paper versions of the sword ( Like the Template ) I cant draw a big enough version, Can you tell me how or where too get them?</p>
What are the measurements of it all... I need help. I almost started making the engine but do not know the measurements<br>
<p>Just kinda curious, for when do you want it? If you're planning to have this for Halloween, I would recommend something else. It took me around 2 months to fully get this finished. There is no perfect tutorial out there. By referring to this there is nothing you can follow fully. You have to get creative and be very very crafty and always improvise. Good luck on your project! :)</p>

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