Everyone loves treasure hunts. Running around on a quest to find your present makes any gift better. So just for fun, I designed my own variation of the game. I combined an Arduino microcontroller with an Adafruit Wave Shield to make an audio treasure hunt box.

The treasure hunters are given a code. When they enter the code into the box, it will play a short audio clip that gives them a clue as to where they should go next. When they arrive at this location, they will find another code, which they will enter and get another clue. This continues until eventually they arrive at the final location and find their present.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

<p>Hi! This is a fantastic idea, and I've enjoyed putting it together. <br>I'm getting an error when verifying the code though. Any <br>suggestions on what is going wrong? The error code is below. Any help is<br> greatly appreciated.<br>Arduino: 1.8.0 (Mac OS X), Board: &quot;Arduino/Genuino Uno&quot;<br><br>audio_treasure_box:17: error: #include expects &quot;FILENAME&quot; or &lt;FILENAME&gt;<br> #include<br> ^<br>audio_treasure_box:18: error: #include expects &quot;FILENAME&quot; or &lt;FILENAME&gt;<br> #include #include #include &quot;WaveUtil.h&quot; #include &quot;WaveHC.h&quot;<br> ^<br>exit status 1<br>#include expects &quot;FILENAME&quot; or &lt;FILENAME&gt;</p>
<p>I have the Wave Shield as well and I need a speaker so the people in a living room can enjoy the music. But I am not sure which speaker would be loud enough. I do have a 4 Ohm, 3 Watt speaker, but it is not loud enough. I read a lot about 8 Ohm, 1 Watt speakers being used in Arduino projects, but I am not sure if this is louder than the speaker I am currently having. Could you advise me a proper speaker? Thank you!</p>
The ohm rating doesn't determine how loud it is. The volume is determined by the strength of the signal. If you want to make it louder, you will need some kind of amplifier.
<p>This is an awesome idea. I purchased the parts and I have completed the build and am trying to get the Adafruit to work with the Arduino. This is the error I am getting: Arduino: 1.6.1 (Mac OS X), Board: &quot;Arduino Uno&quot;</p><p>Audio_Treasure.ino:1:23: fatal error: FatReader.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. Error compiling. This report would have more information with &quot;Show verbose output during compilation&quot; enabled in File &gt; Preferences.</p><p>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Once I get it done I will post pics and vids.</p>
Check to make sure that the WAVEHC library folder is in the right directory.
<p>This seams cool I want to check it out soon</p>
<p>That is a header pin connector. It is commonly used to make connections between boards in the a computer. You can use something else to make the connections if you don't have access to one.</p><p>One side of each button is connected to ground. I did this by connecting the wires together so that I only needed to make one connection to the board. The other side of each switch is connected to the analog input pins. This was done with another header pin connector with 6 slots.</p>
<p>Thank you very much for your reply, it is very much appreciated. I understand much better now. Thanks again.</p>
<p>Hello, I am new to electronics but I decided to give this project a go. I am a little confused on step 11 of the process. What is that item in the second picture on the step 11 page? Also could you go into detail on how you wired the ground on the board? </p>
Incredible idea ....

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