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My kids are always leaving the side garage door open when they take out trash or recyclables and I'm always yelling at them to close the door because It could be a way for some undesirable/varmint to get in and sometimes it gets really cold/hot/rainy and I have some tools and equipment that may be affected by it. I just want it kept closed okay?
 So last Mothers day we were in Hallmark and I got an idea to automatically remind someone to close the door using one of those audio greeting cards.You can use this on any door even a fridge to belittle you when your getting that midnight snack.You have to use the kind of card that you can record your own voice not the pre-recorded type.

Step 1: Parts/tools needed:

Picture of Parts/tools needed:

Record your own greeting card about $5.00-7.00
magnetic reed switch (shown) like the kind they use on burglar alarms (fry's or other electronics store about $3.50)
(optional) candy tin or small project box
some extra stranded wire 20-24 gauge or thereabouts
wire cutters
soldering gun/solder