I show how to make an awesome star with ice-cream stick , you can do it in less than 1 minute, show this skill to impress your friends in any party. Easy and fast. This Instruction come with video:

Step 1: Tool

here are what we need, 12 ice-cream sticks

Step 2: Position

hold 3 sticks like this, the first stick on below, middle stick at the center, third stick on top (watch video for detail)

Step 3: (watch Video for Detail)

(watch video for detail)

Step 4: (watch Video for Detail)

(watch video for detail)

Step 5: (watch Video for Detail)

(watch video for detail)

Step 6: (watch Video for Detail)

(watch video for detail)

Step 7: (watch Video for Detail)

(watch video for detail)

Step 8: (watch Video for Detail)

(watch video for detail)

Step 9: (watch Video for Detail)

(watch video for detail)
yeah, an explanation, I call them friction bombs, because the energy that sends the Popsicle sticks flying is stored as potential energy in the bending wood, and friction is what keeps it in tact until dislodged.
Screw friction, tie it to something explosive!!!:D
YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I the only one wondering why this has been labeled "impossible"?
Did you BUILDED this?
you lost me in like the first 10 seconds of the video. :(
:) Where you get so much Ice-cream Sticks ?
eat a lot of popsicles stupid
&quot;Where you get so&nbsp;MANY Ice-cream Sticks ?&quot;<br />
any craft store would have it for sure
I'm gonna make one of these with pickaxe handles!!!!
i'm gonna make one of these with the spines of my slaughtered enemies!!!! :D
rofl<br />
STILL confused w/ this >_>
which part are you confused?
lol, ur vid had a tampax commercial
not <em>confused</em> really, just tough to get the sticks to uh.. stick (THEY ALWAYS SHOOT IN ANY RANDOM DIRECTION)<br/>
lol it <em>does</em> look pretty hard!!<br/>
ur not the BRIGHT shadow u thought u were are you? ehhh... you probably are.
someone made a frame bomb out of 2X4's it was HUGE, but it couldn't explode because it had too much friction.
it's soooooo hard!
pretty cool
if you throw it, will it explode like other grenades of popcicle sticks.
the name is right, it is impossible!
it poked my f*ing eye out!!!
if you light if on fire, on one side, it will basicly explode
omg WOW
this is a relatively new type of frame bomb, methinks.
Ugh very very hard to make.
Now I have something to do with my 2 boxes of 1000 piece Popsicle sticks.
You can also make these with like half the popsicle sticks, if I remember correctly. I must agree with the fun to throw bit, If you throw it hard enough it explodes. :P
You could also make a square one (instead of star) with just 6 sticks, same over/under method.
those ones are awesome! my grandma taught me a long time ago and called them exploding frisbees.
exploding? lol coool
my friend taught me to make this but so it looked like a fan. We threw it and it busted it a light <strong>XD</strong><br/>
lol cool
it isn't actually that hard to make just make sure everything is over/under/over or under/over/under and you should be okay ps these are fun to throw
lol ya
Nice idea, terrible Instructable. Some people just don't like watching the video, so if you take a little time to explain your steps at each picture you would get a much better instructable. Maybe you could explain where you got that much popsicle sticks, who taught you to build it... just some more background to give it a bit more depth beyond just how you did it.
get the popsicle sticks at wal-mart >.>
my grandfather bought some for my sis at a craft store that was going out of business. i think it was like a box of 1000.
i cant get it to wooooooork
wat do u do with it?
watch video for detail watch video for detail watch video for detail watch video for detail explain stuff in the instructable too, also, I can't see the video
This is extremely annoying:(
But WHY?

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