Picture of Awesome Lego Drink Coaster
Want to go to the bar in style? This lego coaster will make you the best drinker around!
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Step 1: Make The Base

Picture of Make The Base
Make a 10x10 base plate with the base pieces you have.

Step 2: Tile It Up

Picture of Tile It Up
Cover up the middle 8x8 with tiles. (Refer to photo)

Step 3: Add The Sides

Picture of Add The Sides
Cover up the unused areas with bricks.

Step 4: Add Tiles To The Walls

Picture of Add Tiles To The Walls
You can make a nice design in anyway you want. You can add minifigures. But I am going to do a simple design using 4 1x1 tiles and 4 1x8 tiles.

Step 5: Done

You're finally done! Now you can eat you're barbecue wings and drinks without getting the table and your arms wet. Plus bring back the memories of your childhood. A 3 in 1 package!
nancyjohns12 months ago

very clever!

LegoHalo512 months ago
Now That's talent!