You never know when you might need a glowing cube to convince people you are from the future.

Step 1: materials and tools

To make this you will need:
A LED (preferably high power)
a 3 volt coin cell battery
a 100 ohm resistor (anything close to 100 will work)
a momentary or push button switch.
thin sheet metal

hot glue gun
metal shears
soldering iron
how long does it last??
<p>The original picture for the cube looks quite a bit like a Borg cube from Star Trek TNG. I'm not a trekkie myself, but I have a friend who is, so it will be so much fun to freak him out.</p>
Where can you get the supplies
So cool, but where do you get the supplies?
Try to make a hexagonal prism instead of a cube. It will look AWESOME!!
umm... the design templates only have 5 sides... is there supposed to be 6?
A number of people where asking about changing LED's I found this and thought these would do the job <br> <br>http://www.rapidonline.com/Electronic-Components/TruOpto-Rainbow-LED-Colour-Changing-Clear-5mm-55-1904
My friend i would prefer using a black paint on your armour so it would look more good in the light
Could you try make an apple of eden sort of thing like that. please im really trying to making for some cosplay.
instead of filling it with hot glue you could either use sandpaper on the led or the plexiglass to give it a frosted look
For the battery issue you could have a place you push down on that pops upen so it looks futuristicy.
One Idea. If the Battery in these things are empty, youll have to throw it away, I guess. How about adding a Supercapacitor and an inductive charger to it? So youll have to shake it if you want it to Light up. I thought that would be kinda cool and youll wont have to worry about empty Batteries!
how bout a hinge?
make socket (hole or wath ever to call it ) for ac adapter :D u can easely racharge it :D
or, since the metal would be conductive, use two of the metal plates as charging contact plates?
I think it can be added a little door to take out the empty battery
Couldnt you just wrap black tape around the box then cut bits of the tape off instead of putting metal on it, it would be a lot easier?
wouldnt look as cool/futuristic!
A fading LED inside would be awesome!
I have a solution for anybody who thinks they will need to change the battery. Instead of using a battery to power the LED, you could use inductive coupling (a.k.a wireless electricity). However, this would only work if you wanted to place it on a table an light up, or something like that....
supercapicitor and/or rechargeable battery
is there a way of drilling srews into plexi glass. i was going to make a music shelf and i thing glueing just isnt going to cut the job. i will then attach it to a wall socket and use this instructable to make it glow. i will cut a pattern to conserve the amount of usb's and the overall power being used.
Nice result dude... =]<br>i will make one :D
What are the dimensions of your pieces? Are all the pieces the same size?
If you want a "CUBE", yes... ; )
No, they can't be for a perfect cube. You'll need: (1) two squares size n x n. (2) two more size n x n - d (3) two more size n - d x n - d ... where d is the thickness of each square.
Okay, so&nbsp;what would the volume of the cube end up as?<br /> <br /> n+d^3?<br /> <br /> And how big does the sheet to cut from need to be?<br /> <br />
Technically it should be n^3.&nbsp; If the main face that you are having to fit the other pieces to is n x n, then each side of the final cube will equal n.&nbsp; Therefore it should be simply n^3.&nbsp; If you want the interior volume, then it would simply be&nbsp; (n - 2d)^3, where d is equal to the thickness of one side.<br /> Hope that helps.
I think if i replicate what is explained in the comment below by elyador, a top down view would look like this:<br />
Pieces 1, 2, 3 and 4 are vertically standing pieces n x n.<br /> Piece 5 and piece 6 (not visible) are (n-2d) x (n-2d).<br /> <br /> b&gt;Diagram is not to scale, btw. My pieces wont be that thick compared to length&lt;/b&gt;
5 and 6 could be all over: (n+d)^2
well...technically, if your 4 edge pieces are equal to n, then by your diagram the end caps should be (n-d) x (n-d) instead of n-2d.&nbsp;
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Sorry, I hate to nitpick, but wouldn't it be one at n x n, two at n x (n-2d), and two at (n-d) x (n-d)?&nbsp; You have to account for the thickness of the squares twice if d equals the thickness of one square.
so to put it simple, subtract the width of the 2 end squares from the length of the 4 side squares and you will get a nice, even cube
Pieces can all the same dimension. Just have to assemble them correctly.
I'm not so sure. All the lateral pieces could be the same size and overlap at the edges, but then the cube would be taller than the cube is wide--by the thickness of the plexiglass x2--because one base sits on top of the lateral side's and the other one is underneath them. this wouldn't matter all that much if the plexiglass was thinner and the cube was larger, because the difference in the sides would not be obvious. To be a perfect cube, the bases would have to be a little bit smaller (the width of one plexiglass pice subtracted from the length of the sides) to fit inside of the four lateral panes.
it looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm wondering if instead of sheet metal would foil work?
yes but its thinner and shows any crinkles you might get in it.
foil works but it definatly dosent look as good as sheet metal
Wait, isn't one side of the box not going to be lit up?
nope, all sides will light up because the hot glue is diffusing the light throughout the entire box.
This is the only instructable with more than a 1000 comments!WOW!
I just had an idea. You could make this like the Companion Cube in Portal 2, and have a small contact on one side of the cube, and make a Button like the ones in the Portal games, and put a contact on there, so that the LED would light up when you put the cube on the button. Then you wouldn't have to worry about replacing the battery.
why didnt i think of that... try it!
how do you turn them off
the switch
a placebo to replace the pain of not knowing how to turn them off ;3<br />
&nbsp;You made a funny.

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