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here's the schematic for the easy-to-lose B&D 18volt charger.

so you can make one easily for 2$ instead of buying one.


ElectroFrank (author)2015-12-12

You say it costs $2. So where do we get the 25.6 VAC PSU for free ?

habitantq (author)ElectroFrank2016-01-18

you can use a lower voltage one and a 1$ step-up converter found on ebay.

look around in thrift shop for an old powerpack.

ironsmiter (author)2015-12-10

Wow, so it is a super simple "trickle charger"

No wonder the batteries never last. Basically zero intelligence charge control.

habitantq (author)ironsmiter2015-12-12

actually a slow charge is better for most battery, the temperature is very important too.

sadly they are dumb charger so are very prone to overcharge.

eggert (author)ironsmiter2015-12-11

Quite usual, I have Skil drills and the schematic is more complex but in the end its also a battery torture device. For that reason I use an other device to charge the drill batteries.

habitantq (author)2015-12-10

i included the battery cell #, but i haven't looked up the specs and since my drill still works i aint going to chop it up to know either.

habitantq (author)habitantq2015-12-10

dont be fooled by the wall wart that come with those, they are AC out but are marked DC on them.

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