Are you trying to raise a baby without breaking the bank? You've probably seen several different baby play gym options at the local baby store ranging in price from $20 to $80. This instructable will show you how to make one out of readily available materials for about $5, not counting the toys you hang from it. You can make those too, of course!

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following

  • 8 feet of 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe
  • 2 PVC "elbows" and 2 "T's"
  • 2 foam "fun noodle" pool toys. The flower shaped ones are good, but the standard round ones are OK too. Make sure they are *hollow.*
  • About a yard of ribbon

You can get the pipe from any home improvement store for a couple of bucks. Our local Dollar Trees carry the fun noodles this time of year, or your local big-box should have 'em for under $3.

You will also need the following tools:
  • Either a hacksaw and vice or strong assistant to hold the pipe
very clever. too bad my cat eats pool noodles. <br />
A note about the glue:&nbsp;Visiting 3 year olds found this toy amusing to take apart.&nbsp; My son was also able to pull it down in pieces by the time he was 5 to 6 months old.&nbsp; I put it away shortly thereafter.&nbsp; But if your child is still interested or you have older kids in the house, glue would probably be a good idea!&nbsp;
This is a great idea!<br />
That pool noodle is a great way to add padding, nice.
Thank you :)

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Bio: SAHM of two little ones. Simultaneously crafty and cheap - a dangerous combination indeed!
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