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BAKON its an alarm clock that wakes you up to the smell of bacon and the sound of a piggy. BAKON starts cooking your bacon at the set time and wakes you up to the delicious room filling smell of bacon and the piggy sound. 
As a college student this is the perfect way to wake up every morning who does not love bacon and who does not hate those annoying alarm clock sound well this is the answer to all your problems.
Just imagine waking up to the delicious smell of bacon and the sound of your personal "BAKON" (bacon baking alarm clock) oing oing oing!!! 
No more waking up to the annoying sound of an alarm clock.  
With BAKON you can get those extra 15 minutes to sleep instead of waking up early to make breakfast. 

With BAKON just place your frozen bacon the night before set up the alarm and go to bed to then wake up to a ready to eat delicious peace crispy of bacon.

Step 1: What You Are Going to Need

Picture of What You Are Going to Need

Old Baking oven
Timer (like the one used for Christmas lights 
High temperature car engine paint
Pig key-chain (got it at party city)
Spare bottle caps for the nose (i used an old blender cap)
10 gauge solid wire

Screw driver
Dremel (metal cutter)


Step 2: Get the Oven Ready

Picture of Get the Oven Ready

First find the screw that hold the cover of the oven take them out and detach the cover. 
Find the location where you wanna install the timer and trace the out line to then cut the hole open with your dremel.
To get the cover ready to paint clean it with alcohol and lightly sand with and 200 grid sand paper until the surface is not shiny anymore then clean with alcohol again.
Paint the cover with you high temperature engine paint.
Paint the nose. and the legs.

Step 3: Get the Key Chain Ready.

Picture of Get the Key Chain Ready.

Open the key chain and solder cables to make extensions for the speakers, the led lights and the switch.
The best choice for the battery case its to just use the body of the pig to hold them inside.

Step 4: Install Everything in the Oven

Picture of Install Everything in the Oven

Find the best place to install the components of the key chain and drill holes for the speaker and the led lights.
I printed a transparency with the numbers for the oven and all the info that the oven had before the paint and i even made my own logo and name.
Also on the hole install your timer and connect the oven cable to the timer and then the timer to an electric extension that is gonna plug in the all as if it was the oven cable.

Step 5: Final Touches

Picture of Final Touches

The knob that activates the switch need to be modified, i added i little plastic piece that activates the switch when the cooking time is over.
With a hot glue gun put the oven cable and the 10 gauge solid cable together starting at the beginning where the cable comes out of the oven and then turn it to get that spring shape on the BAKON tail.
Put the cover back in the frame and make sure all you connections are ok.
Put the eyes, nose and ears and you are done.
Now time to test put your frozen bacon set your alarm in th oven 15 minutes before your waking up time and then enjoy a sweet morning full of delicious bacon.


05sstraub (author)2016-11-14

thats haliorus

cbblee (author)2013-12-11

You should just wire one of these up to a timer so it stops to let bacon thaw after keeping it cool all night

chicopluma (author)2011-06-25

piggy says wake up, time to eat me jaja

abeveridge (author)2011-05-29

Thankyou so much for the inspiration and instructions!

I just made this for my girlfriend's birthday, and documented the process and outcome here:

There were a few times when I really wanted to have your phone number or something so I could just call up and ask something stupid like "how did you fix the timer in place inside the oven?" or "how did you stop the paint from running and leaving dried lumps of paint spoiling the finish?" or "how did you stop the paint getting on the glass?" but in the end, I just went for it and figured shizzle out for myself, which is always more fun anyway.

I can't help but wonder if you actually use yours, because my googly eyes melted, and to be honest I think any fabric placed in the top where your "ears" are would burn pretty easily. But hey, it looks much better than mine ;)

Thanks again man :)

Panda.Claire (author)2011-05-14

Where do you get your bacon?! It looks like it's just fat with no meat. eww.
Do you think it'd be safer to put the frozen bacon in the night before to defrost? Cos cooking bacon from frozen isn't good.
Leaving it out on the side, in the packet (or a tupperware tub), overnight defrosts it okay - the fridge leaves it part-frozen still.

When I make mine, I'm going to add something to keep the bacon a bit better overnight. Idk about a fridge addition, tho.

I got that bacon cus i also did a Baconnaise and i needed a really fatty bacon to get a lot of bacon oil.
I have been using it and leaving bacon out in the oven with no problems, we do keep the AC at 71 degrees at my house so that helps and yeah im also thinking about a fridge mod.

Lindie (author)2011-05-13


N4CRLucky (author)2011-05-12

Hate to be a downer, but that method of thawing bacon puts you in the ♫DANGER ZONEEE♫

Kasm279 (author)N4CRLucky2011-05-12

I was about to mention that...
<--- certified food handler

Presentteck (author)N4CRLucky2011-05-12

lana... Lana.. LANAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Danger Zone"

(quote from archer, look it up it's hilarious) :D

N4CRLucky (author)Presentteck2011-05-12

Bahaha.. Wah-Wah

pragmatic jim (author)2011-05-12

You could wrap the bacon into a roll, and freeze it with some water in an ice-cube tray. That would keep it cooler longer. The baking tray could be tilted to allow the water to run away from the bacon, so it doesn't get poached. A tray under the oven could catch the water, and hold it until you clean it. Keeping the baking tray in the freezer until bed time would also help to keep the bacon cool longer.

jen7714 (author)2011-05-10

I saw this on Shark Tank! Very cool.

Browncoat (author)jen77142011-05-12

That was the Wake n Bacon. It used already cooked bacon. And I want it!

Nelson_Yepez (author)Browncoat2011-05-12

the one on shark thank does not exist it was only a prototype and i wanted one so bad that i took the matter in my own hands and on the typical DIYER way i made one myself

Browncoat (author)Nelson_Yepez2011-05-12

I know. And good on you! But I'm not someone who would feel comfortable doing that. So I REALLY wish the Sharks had invested!

Nelson_Yepez (author)jen77142011-05-11

yeah that was my inspiration, thanks

crapflinger (author)2011-05-12 made it to

Nelson_Yepez (author)crapflinger2011-05-12

ohhh wow i just goy home from work and that just made my day... cool

mgalyean (author)2011-05-12

I'm a bit concerned about the bacon sitting at room temperature all night, but really like this idea in principle. Just need to keep the bacon refrigerated until cook time somehow. Maybe merge a dorm refrigerator with a toaster oven. Or have a robotic arm move it from a small fridge to the oven at the right time (which also award massive rube goldberg points).

Nelson_Yepez (author)mgalyean2011-05-12

haha that definitely will be awesome for someone if not me to do!

Spokehedz (author)mgalyean2011-05-12

If you are cooking it to specified temps, then all bacteria/whatever has been eliminated. That is what the primary function of 'cooking' did for millions of years before we knew it made anything taste good.

Also, the bacon has been smoked and salted--another method also used in preserving food--so that would also limit bacterial growth/movement.

mgalyean (author)Spokehedz2011-05-12

It isn't the bacteria that makes you sick so much as their waste products (not that bacteria can't infect one directly). Anyway, the point being that even if all the bacteria are killed, their waste products, if at significant levels, can still be toxic.

Starting with frozen bacon is much better, but thawing of meat is very volume/shape (surface:volume ratio really) dependent. I figure a slice of frozen bacon would thaw in about an hour at room temperature as its surface to volume ratio is very high (so fast thermal transfer). A frozen ball of the same amount of bacon would thaw more slowly. But the bottom line is eating pork that has been raw at room temperature for a few hours, even if cooked, is not a great idea imho. Besides, a robotic arm that moved a dish of bacon from a dorm fridge to an oven would be more neato. :^D

I am really not trying to be a wet blanket and am a *huge* bacon and 'ible fan so think the direction this is going is fantastic. But don't want anyone to get sick, that's all.

Bacon Rules!

Spokehedz (author)mgalyean2011-05-12

Oh, I forgot that some people don't make their own bacon. Store bought bacon (besides being overpriced, and not very good tasting IMO) will go bad when left out. For the couple of hours here, I don't think it would be too big of an issue... But, still. You might technically be correct when it comes to store bought stuff.

However, following the Old School methods of making bacon will render a final product that will last when sitting out for days if not months... Not that it ever lasts that long around here. It's also cheaper, which means I get to eat more of it.

Mine is decidedly much less 'wet' than the stuff at the store. I think the less water means that less microbiological action is occurring. I also use real nitrates in mine, as well as a lot of salt which I know helps as well.

Sparkyrob (author)mgalyean2011-05-12

I had the same concern until I read the phrase "frozen bacon". I think it would be safe as long as it is not too warm in your house and it thaws too quick. Overall I think this is a good idea.

cherwa (author)2011-05-12

lol, is this from shark tank?

Nelson_Yepez (author)cherwa2011-05-12

the one on shark thank does not exist it was only a prototype and i wanted one so bad that i took the matter in my own hands and on the typical DIYER way i made one myself

internethotspot (author)2011-05-12

I could see a variation working. 3 things needed:
1. A commercial toaster that feeds bread through and it drops below as toast
2. An old metal ice cube tray or similar small trays that could be fed through a commercial toaster
3. One of those plug-in Koolatron electric coolers from Canadian Tire.
4. Timer

Using Koolatron parts, make externally mounted cooler with a trap door. The tray would have a place for a hook to connect, allowing it to be pulled from the mini cooler, into the toaster when it starts up.

The journey of the bacon:
1. Place 'partially cooked, frozen bacon' in tray (modified to seal in drippings)
2. Place tray into mini-cooler (made with Koolatron parts), and attach hook
3. When timer goes off, toaster starts up and tray begins its journey...

The toaster would have to be slowed down appropriately, and the tray would have to be sealed to contain the bacon and grease drippings.

I'm sure with some creativity, using these parts someone could come up with a pretty awesome bacon alarm clock

ARJOON (author)2011-05-10

unfortunately bacon is forbidden in my culture

Sparkyrob (author)ARJOON2011-05-12

Is it a pig thing or a meat thing. Personally I would recommend turkey bacon myself - But only if you are not a vegitarian.

shesparticular (author)ARJOON2011-05-10

You could give Eggplant Bacon a try!

Damonic (author)2011-05-10

Awesome. I haven't eaten all day and your structable is making my stomach hurt in anticipation!

Nelson_Yepez (author)Damonic2011-05-11


splazem (author)2011-05-10

Nice job! Good luck!

Nelson_Yepez (author)splazem2011-05-11


poofrabbit (author)2011-05-09

OMG I want one! VERY cool!

iminthebathroom (author)2011-05-09

bizarre, awesome!


SHIFT! (author)2011-05-09

"Mmmmmm, unexplained bacon!"

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