Bacon should be combined with everything, so why not fruit salad? 

This is one of the dishes I made for Bacon Camp SF 2010 - it got 4s and 5s from the judges, so is guaranteed to be tasty!  If you're a fan of bacon or fruit, give it a try.

This was inspired by Jess's BLT cups (bacon cups filled with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and fresh garlicky croutons) were a hit at 2009's Thanksgiving II: Bacongiving.  Thanks, Jess!

ETA: and you can see some great BLT cups on Not Martha, too.  Apparently trebuchet03's bacon placemat was an inspiration!

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

2 lbs Bacon (long skinny pieces are better than short fat pieces)
Fresh basil leaves
Homemade aioli (substitute: store-bought mayo + lemon juice)
Fresh mango, cubed
Large avocado, cubed
1/4-1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1 large onion, sliced into thin rings
1 tablespoon brown sugar

Tools &
muffin tin
aluminum foil
baking tray large enough to contain the upside-down muffin tin
heavy pot for frying bacon
splatter screen (very handy!)
cutting board
food processor (or blender)
oven (preheated to 500F)

Nice one!!
I was actually one of the judges at BaconCamp.&nbsp; I can attest that these were really good!<br />
Excellent, thanks for the vote!<br /> I'll have the laser-cut stencils up sometime <em>after</em> Maker Faire. ;)<br />
Mmm... delicious meat stencils.&nbsp; Hey, are y'all over on 2nd?&nbsp; I work at the AAU on New Montgomery, and I just walked by an office with a big Instructables sign the other day.<br />
Just seeing this now... yes we are! Stop by sometime if you're still nearby.
Gorgeous design!&nbsp;Love this!&nbsp;:D
Thank you!
Bacon + Fruit = GENIUS<br />
While making the bacon fruit cups, I put squares of aluminum foil over the bottom of each muffin cup.&nbsp; It saved some of the cleanup, but it was still pretty messy.&nbsp; It protected the bottom of the muffin pans and protected the bacon cups from whatever might have been on the pan.&nbsp; I'll be serving that our between services snack for the choir.&nbsp; Some of us sing all 3 services and need something sustaining to get through the 3rd service.&nbsp; The choir members will eat just about anything, but I believe they'll really take to the bacon fruit cups. <br />
Great idea! I love it.
WOW&nbsp;! We love bacon, we love fruit. This is BRILLIANT.<br /> <br /> Guess what we are doing one night for starters.....<br /> <br /> Thanks poster.
You're welcome!&nbsp; How did it go?<br />
A bit trick y gettign those baskets right, but as I&nbsp;suspected.....BRILLIANT.
Thanks for the product plug!!!&nbsp; (I work at Trader Joe's.)<br />
Heh.&nbsp; They've got good stuff.<br />
Totally!&nbsp; I work there and don't feel like I'm selling my soul.&nbsp; It's pretty cool.<br />
&nbsp;A dream, realized!
These are clearly meant to be eaten on <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Bacon-Placemats/">bacon placemats</a>.<br />
Haha, a perfect bacon dinner...&nbsp;
&nbsp;But that's not a main course dish! You need a main course! (I mean, personally salad is always a side dish)
How about a bacon steak with mashed bacon and a bacon salad served on a bacon place mat with bacon utensils. And bacon ice cream for dessert.<br /> <br /> ...fattening &gt;_&lt;
&nbsp;But&nbsp;delicious.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> :D<br />
Yea, I suppose....&nbsp;
Bacon ice cream is actually disturbingly nice...<br />
&nbsp;You've tried it before?
&quot;How about a bacon steak with mashed bacon and a bacon salad served on a bacon place mat with bacon utensils. And bacon ice cream for dessert.&quot;<br /> <br /> What a perfect way to go.... Bacon heaven, here I come!<br /> ~adamvan2000<br />
Haha, but before you know it, you'll be lying in a hospital bed. That's the problem; all the good stuff is <em>SO</em>&nbsp;unhealthy!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> =/
I ought to make a chocolate themed dinner some time...<br /> <br /> And yes, I&nbsp;tried bacon icecream. I&nbsp;don't know how they do it, but I had some at a nice restaurant.<br />
&nbsp;This is beautiful and amazing!!! &nbsp;I must now make bacon cups. &nbsp;Perhaps paired with bacon bloody mary's; the breakfast of champions!
Wow, that's inspired.&nbsp; Post pictures when you do it!<br />
I just made these literally 5 minutes after I read it!! I filled it with scrambled eggs and cheese and it was SO tasty!! However, I followed all the directions and cooked the bacon cups at 500F but I had to finish them in the microwave because it smoked up my whole apartment set off my smoke alarms! I would recommend cooking them at 400 or 450F!&nbsp; All in all, DELICIOUS!<br />
Ooh, that sounds great!&nbsp; Did you take pictures?&nbsp; If so, please post...<br /> <br /> And I've dropped the temperature recommendation to 450F.&nbsp; 500 was due to my impatience. ;)<br />
this would be easier if you use pancetta, an italian rolled bacon that you can slice to your liking. Way too much work in the prep, I apply the 'kiss'<br /> &nbsp;principle more than you, keep it simple silly. I think the chocolate pig thing is getting trite. I'd leave out the cocoa so I can taste the avocado and mango.
The bacon powder was actually leftover from another project (laser-cut bacon stencils - Instructable coming forthwith) so I&nbsp;just decided to go over the top with it. ;)&nbsp; Agreed, this is a bit heavier prep than I usually like, but it was for <a href="http://baconcamp.org">bacon camp</a>!<br />
hahaha, That looks delicious! I've had mango, avacado and crackers before, quite delicious and tangy, but I&nbsp;never would have thought to add the bacon. Brilliant!<br /> <br /> <br /> Probably not the healthiest thing. But I'd spend some time on a treadmill to eat some of those things!<br />
I'm thinking bacon on a string in front of a treadmill, with a fan blowing towards the treadmill behind the bacon.<br /> <br /> ~adamvan2000<br />
I'd sprint for hours!<br />
these were also made by not martha in february of 2008. <br /> <br /> http://www.notmartha.org/archives/2008/02/27/bacon-cups/<br />
Aha, she did BLTs too! And referenced trebuchet03's bacon placemats.&nbsp; Nice!&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> Bacon cups are multi-purpose.<br />
I&nbsp;think that the silicon baking cups would be the ONLY&nbsp;way to do this.&nbsp; My bacon is stuck to my metal ones.&nbsp; I&nbsp;froze them last night and am thawing to see if it helps.&nbsp; If not, I'll have an interesting fruit salad with bacon (it will taste just as amazing). &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;had to fight of my family last night from the cooked bacon cups that did come off the first batch : )&nbsp; They managed to get the bits.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Also, I'm guessing the mango is acid enough to keep the avocado from oxidizing (browning) - no browning so far and the fruit has been mixed for about 30 min.&nbsp; <br />
Good luck!&nbsp; I'll add a suggestion in the recipe to cover regular tins in aluminum foil so you can easily remove the cups.<br /> <br /> And you're right about the mango's acid preventing oxidation.&nbsp; Works beautifully.<br />
Use the silicon cupcake pans.&nbsp; I ended up crumbling and using the bacon in a &quot;fruit salad&quot;&nbsp;of this recipe because I&nbsp;couldn't pry it off the metal tin. &nbsp;<br />
Oh, that's sad!&nbsp; <br /> I'll add a suggestion above to cover regular tins in aluminum foil so you can easily remove the cups.<br />
P.S.&nbsp; Isn't it about time for a <strong>Bacon</strong> channel under Living?<br />
Seconded!<br />
Third!<br />
Motion seconded and thirded. All hands for aye. Motion carried.&nbsp; We, the people of Instructables, desire a Bacon channel. :OP<br /> <br /> ~adamvan2000<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;Fourth'd. Submitting&nbsp;suggestion.
Bacon lovers unite!<br />

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