Basic Hand Held Radio Hack For a Motorcyclist.

Picture of Basic Hand Held Radio Hack For a Motorcyclist.
As part of our Industrial design module in university we were given the brief of hacking a basic handheld radio (sony icf-s22) with the view to designing a radio for a specific user. I chose to design a handlebar mounted radio for a motorcyclist that would connect wirelessly to a headset within the helmet. This is how I did it.
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Step 1: You will need..

Picture of You will need..
To buy;
(1) A basic radio - For this I used the sony ICF-S22 (£9.98 on amazon I think?)
(2) A Transmitter to wireless headphones - I found an incredibly basic set on Ebay. - Try and get one with a headphone jack connecting to the transmitter to save your self some hassle.                                        
(3) Batteries

-If you are a motorcyclist you more then likely have a helmet already

(1)various tiny screwdrivers. 
(2) soldering iron.
(3) pliers and snips.
(4) various workshop tools. 

Step 2: Opening up your Sony radio..

Picture of Opening up your Sony radio..
To open up the radio you need to remove the necessary screws, there's one on the back and one concealed within the battery compartment.
once these are out, flip the radio so the longest flat edge is facing you. wedge a screwdriver gently into the top join and pries open the radio....  Check out the short video for step by step details. 

The transmitter I bought  opened easily with only one screw holding the whole thing together! 
Eclark883 years ago
Great idea man! Really think this would be useful.
sswanton (author)  Eclark883 years ago
Thanks so much man, Just a concept, the real one would ideally be a bit smaller but it was a university project and we were given a fairly large chipboard to work with. Cheers for the feedback :)