As part of our Industrial design module in university we were given the brief of hacking a basic handheld radio (sony icf-s22) with the view to designing a radio for a specific user. I chose to design a handlebar mounted radio for a motorcyclist that would connect wirelessly to a headset within the helmet. This is how I did it.

Step 1: You Will Need..

To buy;
(1) A basic radio - For this I used the sony ICF-S22 (£9.98 on amazon I think?)
(2) A Transmitter to wireless headphones - I found an incredibly basic set on Ebay. - Try and get one with a headphone jack connecting to the transmitter to save your self some hassle.                                        
(3) Batteries

-If you are a motorcyclist you more then likely have a helmet already

(1)various tiny screwdrivers. 
(2) soldering iron.
(3) pliers and snips.
(4) various workshop tools. 

Great idea man! Really think this would be useful.
Thanks so much man, Just a concept, the real one would ideally be a bit smaller but it was a university project and we were given a fairly large chipboard to work with. Cheers for the feedback :)

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